Tips to install glass block window

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
beauty of having glass block window installed
Glass block window mounted at home

Different architectural component we set up in our house to raise the beautification of the place. Many of them functions well and rest move up the embossing. Now glass block windows are the material those works well besides modifying the looks. Follow the article to get acknowledged more about the glass windows.
• At first take correct measurement of the installation site, it will help to get the correct dimension.
• Prepare a wooden frame that will assure the resistance of water while applying the mortar.
• Apply the mortar at the foundation as well as the vertical side regularly spread. The excess mortar should be replaced.
• Set and fix reinforcing bars and L-shaped metal strap before you start leveling.
• Do not disturb the setting up for the next 48 hours to help the proper fixation.
• Before starting this procedure you can go for an expert advice and can consult with the manufacturers also.

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