Tips to color up a small bedroom

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)
Color a small bedroom
paint a small bedroom

Space is a real problem in most of the apartments today. When it comes to the choice of room color, your pick would be determined largely by the area of the target room. There are some colors which should be strictly avoided in smaller set up as otherwise these would make the room too loud and overwhelming. Here are the tips on perfect colors for small bedroom.

It’s best if you can go for the light earthy tones. The lighter shades make the room look all spacious and airy creating a comfortable ambience around. The best options here are beige, white and light yellow. Off white and light pink would also work well. Then you can even opt for the serene shades like sage green and sky blue.
Albeit red is a very popular choice for bedroom, you have to avoid it if you have a small set up as the color is too vibrant. Deep purple is also a no for small bedrooms.

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