Tips To Clean Your Swimming Pool

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Cleaning pool with pole
Man cleaning his pool

If you have a swimming pool in your home, you must know how hard it would be to clean your swimming pool and maintain it. However it can be quite expensive to clean your swimming pool by any professional. But if you want to use your swimming pool regularly, it’s also very much important to clean it and maintain it. It takes lots of effort to clean your swimming pool and you also have to monitor the level of chemical minimum three times in a week. But at any cost it is essential to keep your swimming pool clean and safe. Here are some of the tips for swimming pool cleaning.

  • Collect adequate supplies

Before you start to clean your swimming pool, it’s necessary that you collect all of your Swimming pool cleaning supplies. Take a telescopic pole for cleaning your swimming pool as majority of the cleaning supplies are attached with that of pole only. Before using your pole to clean your swimming pool, make sure to wipe and get it clean from any kind of debris. A dirty pole can contaminate your pool instead of cleaning it. You can also make use of a leaf skimmer or even a skimmer net for cleaning your swimming pool. You can use this net by attaching it with the telescopic pole. You can make use of this net for removing leaves and any other debris from the surface area of the pool. While you are cleaning up the surface area, you should focus on cleaning your skimmer net once in a while. You can also use a pool brush for cleaning your swimming pool. Pool brush is used for cleaning the sides and ladder and steps of the pool. There is a chance of brushes getting clogged up with the debris and dust and hence ensure that you properly rinse out the pool brush to make sure that it is properly clean.

  • Skim the pools surface

The basic step of cleaning your swimming pool is to skim the pools surface by using a leaf skimmer. You must do this on regular basis to ensure that the pools surface is away from any contamination. This is one of the easiest parts of the pool cleaning process. Try and attach the skimmer with the starting part of the telescopic pole. After that, pull out the debris by making use of net. Leaves and other dirt fall usually on the outer surface of the swimming pool and cleaning it on regular basis are very much important. You can clean the top surface of the swimming pool water by using this net skimmer.

  • Clean the ladder and sides of pool

Cleaning ladder of the pool
Cleaning pools ladder

Once you are done with cleaning your swimming pools normal debris, you can now clean off the sides and ladder of your pool. You can take a pool; brush and clean off the stairs and ladder. You don’t need to do this activity on regular basis; you can do this on weekly basis. You can just attach you can attach the brush with that of telescopic pole and then use it over the areas of the stirs and ladder where there is accumulation of dirt and grime. Pay more attention on the areas with poor circulation.

  • Use a pool vacuum

Pool vacuum is basically used for cleaning up the swimming pool floor. There are plenty of types of swimming pool vacuum based upon the types of pool and needs. There are basically three types of automatic cleaners used for cleaning pool flooring. One of them is suction side cleaner which is basically not recommended as it sucks up the things accidentally like pebbled and rocks which can damage the filtration system of pool. The second type of cleaner is pressure side cleaners. These are attached with that of the return jet of pool filtration system. This system will work by getting rid of the debris from filtered water and then placing it again into a removable bag. However this system will also ask you to do some sort of filtering. The best kind of automatic cleaner is the robotic swimming pool cleaner. This is a self-contained unit which will drive around with the bottom of your pool and go on with the collection of debris. The only issue you can have with this type of pool cleaner is that they come really very costly. On an alternative side, you can also make use of manual vacuum which you can easily get at any hardware store around you.

  • Set your vacuum

Once you choose the pool vacuum which fits in your with your needs perfectly, you need to set your vacuum properly to clean your swimming pool. Majority of the vacuum come up with set of instructions to follow while using them. If you are using a manual vacuum, you usually have to attach the head of the vacuum with that of a telescopic pole. After that very slowly and gradually you need to lower the head of the vacuum into the pool. After that, also put the hose in the swimming pool. Ensure that all the air is removed from the hose, before you attach it with the pump which comes up with majority of the manual vacuum cleaners. Join the pump with that of hose before even the air gets expelled and harm the pump.

  • Vacuum the pool like carpet

Technique of vacuuming swimming pool
Tips of vacuuming swimming pool

You have to use your vacuum for cleaning your swimming pool in the same manner that you use for cleaning your carpet. The vacuum should be moved across the bottom part of the pool and it should be stayed for time in those areas which are visibly dirtier. There are certain automatic cleaners where there is no need for you to vacuum it by yourself, it is fully automatic.

  • Manage the chemicals

There are certain chemicals in your pool which should be maintained by you for maintaining the cleanliness of the pool. Weather conditions and your usage will affect the chemical levels of your pool. The normal level of pH in your pool should be maintained between 7.2 to 7.6. If this is out of the range, you must use pH reducer and if it is less than this level, you must use pH increaser.

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