Tips To Clean Your Garage

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Tips of Cleaning your garage
ways of cleaning your garage

Just listening to the words cleaning your garage will give you a shock. You will instead clean any other part of your home but you would refrain from cleaning your garage. Tackling your garage is very difficult as it would be by far the messiest part of your house. But however cleaning your garage is an essential part of life and not paying proper attention to it will make the case even worse. Not cleaning your garage in time will make it a dumping ground. You might have faced this situation before also when there is lot of mess around and you need to put on lots of effort and bring the uncontrolled situation under control. But once you clean your garage, it is very much easier to keep it in that manner. Garage is a place to park your car, but you turn it in to your storage space which is not right, many of the times, it even happens that your garage is so full wit extra space that you don’t even get space to park your car. Hence if your garage is in such position then you need to clean your garage right away. Along with your car, you would be having gardening tools stored in there or your winter wears or your old cycle or any such things which makes cleaning your garage really a troublesome activity. Here are some of the tip and tricks which will help you to clean your garage more easily.

  • Choose the right day

Now as you are aware that cleaning your garage is not going to be a easy task and hence picking that task on a work day or let’s say a day with bad weather is really the most upsetting thing to do. While you are cleaning your garage, you must be lifting heavy boxes, or scrubbing your floor hard or sorting through the things with confusion and doing all this when its extreme hot outside will really frustrate you and force you to leave the work in the mid-way. This same thing also applies when it is raining outside. You cannot clean your garage on such troublesome days. Hence pick a nice day with appropriate weather. Not only weather is to be considered while you are cleaning your garage, you also need to pay focus as to whether it is a weekend or a weekday. Doping so much work on weekday will make you exhausting instead choose weekend so that you can clean your garage very appropriately and don’t get exhausted.

  • Take everything out

When you want to clean your garage, you cannot do it until you have everything out. You are going to clean your garage now and again and hence when you do it, you have to do it very appropriately. Take each and everything out of your garage. Take your car, your bikes, extra boxes, shovels, tools, garbage cans, recycling bins and all such things out of your garage. Now it’s the time to clean the floor of your garage. Your floor will be very much dirty as you haven’t clean it since a long time. You can also take help of your family members while cleaning your garage.

  • Choose the right garage cleaning products

While cleaning your garage, you need to choose the right cleaning product as the floors will be full of grease and it will be sticky and full of stains. You can use ammonia based cleaning products for cleaning your garage. You can also make of white vinegar as it works very well against the stains and cleans them off your garage space and make your floor sparkling clean. Sweep the floor first while cleaning your garage and then cleans with this cleaning solutions and then mop at the last and then let it dry properly before you start organizing things back in your garage. Don’t forget to clean your walls as well. Remove all the cobwebs out of your walls and also clean them with sponge and water. If you find cleaning your garage very much boring then you can play some music while doing so.

  • Organize your stuff

Tips to organise your garage
ways to organise your garage

Once you are done with cleaning your garage, now it’s the time to organize your stuff. You probably have collected so much of stuff, sort them out and see what things are still useful to you and what are of no use. For example a cycle of your kid who now has a car is of no use to him or you so you now it’s the time to get rid of it. Make three sections of your stuff, one which is still useful and you need to keep, second one is those which are of no use and need to be thrown away and third one is for donation or charity. You can also consider giving your things in scrap and earn some money out of it or if the things are in good condition, you can consider reselling your things.

  • Install useful storage system

For cleaning your garage and keeping it in that way, you need a smart storage system which keeps your stuff organized and keeps less mess. You can make storage in the ceiling to save up your garages floor space. You can keep boxes and store things in that. You can also consider labeling the boxes with the items stored in there. By doing so, you can easily get those things back when you need it. Say for example you can label the box named lightings where in you have stored your lightings.

  • Maintain your garage

maintaining your garage after cleaning
Post cleaning maintaining your garage

Cleaning your garage is not enough; you need to maintain that clean garage. It’s of no meaning if you clean your garage this weekend and from next day only you start putting the junk again in your garage and start making it messy again. Make a system that you will put the stuff at the same place from where you have taken it.

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