Tips To Clean And Maintain Your Drywall Tools

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Drywall cleaning like a pro
Professional doing drywall cleaning

You always will think about cleaning and maintaining your drywall which is of course very much essential. However for cleaning and maintain you drywall, you will definitely need drywall cleaning tools. However having drywall tools and using it once is not justified, you will have use of drywall tools every single time you want to clean your drywall. Hence along with caring for your drywall, you also need to clean and maintain your drywall tools. Drywall tools are not costly and you don’t want to do this expenditure time and again. Hence maintain your drywall cleaning tools properly so that you can ultimately clean and maintain your drywall. Getting to learn how to clean and maintain your drywall tools which are mixed up with the messy compounds can help you to extend the life of the drywall tools and save you time, money and effort of buying new one. Drywall tools generally get dirty with joint compounds which professionals generally refers as mud because it creates the same dirt and mess like that of mud. Certain brands of drywall cleaning tools can be quite expensive and if you are DIY person then you would not like to buy them again and again on the grounds of lack of maintenance. These joint compounds have a habit of getting harder on the tools in quite short period of time. This can be even more after the time you finish up the installation of drywall. Hence cleaning and maintain drywall tools right after installation becomes very much essential. Here is a list of things you will need in cleaning drywall tools.

  • Tools for drywall cleaning
    Drywall cleaning tools

    Cleaning rag

  • Rust retardant compound
  • Bucket filled with water
  • Scrub or cleaning brush
  • Knife
  • Scouring pad with rough surface

After you collect all this things, you can start with drywall tools cleaning. Here is a simple process of cleaning drywall tools.

  • Soak drywall tools

Ways to clean your drywall
Tips to Clean your drywal

The first step of drywall tools cleaning is scraping off the dried joint compound on the tools. Use putty knife for scraping if off as much as possible. If you are not having putty knife, you can use drywall taping knife as an alternate option for cleaning drywall tools. Take bucket of water which is large enough to keep all the drywall tools. A clean 5 gallon bucket will be sufficient for this.  After you are done with scraping the tools with knife, deep the drywall tools in this bucket for a time period of 10 to 20 minutes. If still there is some stuck joint compound on your drywall tools, you need to soak up your tools in the bucket of water for similar time to loosen the compound.

  • Scrub the tools

Once you soak the drywall tools properly and for appropriate time period, your tools will be out of the hard compounds from its surface. Thus take them out of the bucket and throw the dirty water. Clean the bucket and fill it again with the clean water. After take the scouring pad and scrub the surface of the drywall tools with it. It is advisable to make of a dish scouring pad for cleaning up your drywall tools. Avoid using a steel wool pad for cleaning as it is an abrasive metal which can scratch the surface of the tools. You can also use a stiff scrub brush for alternative choice. After you are down with this, remove your drywall tools from the bucket and rinse them properly and then dry with a clean rag. You can use an old t-shirt or any other damp cloth. Dry each and every part of the drywall tools, even the one which is hard to reach. Handle joints and fasteners are those parts which are generally left wet and it can cause the tools to damage. Hence make sure you also dry this parts which cleansing drywall tools. Wash your hands properly after you are done cleaning your drywall tools as any compound joint left on your hand is also not good. When you are cleaning the bucket and throwing the dirty water, make sure to not to throw through the kitchen sink, make use of laundry sink instead. There are certain areas where there are issues against dumping of drywall residues as it can clog the plumbing drains. Check the local building codes before doing so.

  • Use rust inhibiter

Rust inhibitor generally comes in the form of aerosol sprays. This is a metal fastener and the drywall tools will also be of metal. Hence spray this fastener on those tools with compound. Ensure that you are doing this in an area with good ventilation. Little parts like bolts, small screws, handles and taping knives are more close to getting rust and hence ensure that they get a proper coat of rust inhibitor on routine base. There would be excess spray in other areas also, clear them off with a clean rag. Make sure you store your drywall tools in a dry place.

These were the tips for cleaning your drywall tools and maintaining them. However there are certain things which should be paid importance while buying drywall tools, here are they.

  • Qualitative tools

When you are going to buy drywall tools, ensure that you buy qualitative tools as you are not going to buy time and again but you are surely going to use it time and again. It is however tough to make out the difference between low qualitative tools and high quality tools but you can check the manufacturer’s goodwill for surety.

  • Buy at reasonable price

When you are going to buy drywall tools, make sure you buy handmade and reasonable priced tools. Checking drywall tools cost is very essential before buying it. There is no point in buying extremely expensive tools and wasting your money on that. Extraordinarily high priced tools can be borrowed from anyone or if not then they can be rented as it is more sensible option to choose. If you are not able to decide whether to buy or not, compare the buying price and renting rice to get more clarity.


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