Tips on Sizing a Ceiling Fan

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Three blade Ceiling fan
Brown colored Ceiling fan

Picking up the right type of ceiling fan is not only about styling but its way more than you’re thinking. The size of the ceiling fan is as important as it contributes to the look and its appearance. Selecting perfect size of your ceiling fans helps in offering better performance and also supplies with better longevity. Make sure not to mention you own comfort level. Follow this simple guide; you can easily pick out the right type of size for your ceiling fan for any of the room in your home. And trust me, following this tips will assure you of getting the most out of your investment for your ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan installing tips:

  • Start the process by determining the size of your rook where you’re planning of installing your ceiling fan. The size of your room helps in determining the overall length of each of the fan blade. For finding the square foot of your room, simply walk ahead by multiplying width times length.
  • Say for example a room length to 9 feet by 9 feet is 81 square feet in size. And if you observe that you room is even larger than 400 to 500 square feet, then it’s advisable of installing two fans for enjoying the maximum performance of your ceiling fan.
  • Determine the blade size of your ceiling fan. There are different techniques in measuring the size of the blade. It also depends upon the number of blades used in your ceiling fan. Once you’re done with the correct measurements of you’re the blades, it’s advisable of multiplying the number arrived with two.
  • For enjoying the even blades, measure the complete distance from one end of the blade to the opposing blade. Well, for the home owners no further calculations are required. With figuring out the blade size and the square footage of your room, you can now easily determine the measurement of your ceiling fan.
  • Well, for the room less than 75 to 65 square feet, the blade size should lay between 30 to 36 inches. And for the room between 80 to 150 square feet, a ceiling fan blade lengthen to 37 to 45 inches is perfectly suitable. While for the room ranging from 150 to 225 square feet, the room should at least need 45 to 55 inches of blade size. For the larger rooms in your home, ceiling fan blades ranging from 50 to 75 inches is best suitable because it’ll be able to cover the whole of the room easily.
  • Don’t forget to have a look and decide the ceiling height before installing a ceiling fan. Always make sure you know the height of your ceiling before you’re installing the ceiling fan. Eight feet is the accurate height should be present between the ceiling fan and the floor. Your ceiling fan will not work accurately if it’s mounted even a little bit of lower or higher from its measured area.
  • But, there’s nothing to worry about because there are many ceiling fans that comes with the benefits of configuring it and adjustable features that helps in allowing it to install in any of the room suitable in your home. For knowing the correct size and height of your ceiling fan, simply start measuring the height of the ceiling and it’s advisable of selecting right option for mounting the ceiling fan in your home.
  • There are varied alternatives of option with the home owners. Flush mounts sounds perfectly suitable for the rooms having lower ceiling. It’s suitable of those type of ceiling where more space between the ceiling and the fan is not required. Even, the flush options in fans are also best if you desire a lower profile ceiling fan or you simply not have much of space for working.
  • Downrod ceiling fan
    Image of Downrod ceiling fan

    These types of fan mounts are directly installed in the contact with the ceiling and it also not require any extra attachment for lowering the height from the ceiling. As stated there are different types of options for ceiling fans. Down rods option is another means for attaching ceiling fan in your room. Basically, down rods option are included and installed for the rooms having high ceiling effects.

  • It helps in lowering the fans to the appropriate height suitable for your room. It makes your ceiling fan mounted with the specific distance prescribed that is eight feet from the floor distance. Of you’re planning of installing a down rod, it’s advisable of making sure and double check the unit that it includes all the important elements. And make sure that it is correct and balanced to the height of your room.
  • Spaces in the room that contains the extra tall ceilings might also require even longer sized fan rods that helps in hanging up the ceiling fan from the top surface of your ceiling. You should buy the down rods after determining the measurements and the height of the ceiling in your home.
  • Fancy ceiling fan
    Stylish ceiling fan

    Before you start installing them in your room, it’s advisable of following the instruction manual supplied by the manufacturing units. Once you’ve determining the right size and the type of ceiling fan for your room, there are certain things to keep in mind while installing it. For ceiling fans that comes, equipped with lights, it’s advisable of making sure that there are enough outlet boxes available in the ceiling for the electrical work. It’s important to ensure that the outlet boxes are made up of metal because most of the ceiling fans only work on metal and not on plastic boxes. If you’re not available with an electrical box in your room, it’s advisable of calling for a certified electrician.

  • There are many benefits of using ceiling fans like it helps in moving the air throughout the room and hence it thereby helps in heating and cooling the space depending upon the seasons. It’s advisable to make sure that the ceiling fan blades should move in clockwise direction for moving the cool air in your whole of the room. And, if you’re thinking that size doesn’t matters, you can easily join up by installing smaller sized fans in your room.
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