Tips on Remodeling Bathroom on Budget

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
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Bathroom remodelling tips

Are you interested in offering your bathroom with a brand new and fresh look? Are you seriously wavering on buying a home simply because the bathroom is no more attractive and according to the ongoing trend? Are you seriously hoping of selling your home, but knows the fact that you might earn more amount of money if your bathroom is up-to-date? Well, let me inform you, bathroom is among the room in the home which is not at all much expensive rooms in home which takes a lot more on renovation and remodel. You simply need to consider that it doesn’t cost you with your arm and leg’s amount that might turn up to be heavy on you. Well, there are many ways of remolding bathroom on budget which can simply eliminate the factor of expenditure in your project. Here are certain ideas for remolding bathrooms on budget that can be beneficial to you on a tight budget too. Follow the ideas for knowing your budget that can be helpful for the home owners while remodeling bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling project on budget:


Flooring option:


Many a times, the look of the bathroom gets dull due to bad flooring option. Cracked, old tiles, missing tiles and broken tiles simply results in dulcifying the look and the appearance of the bathroom. It is advisable to fix each and every thing in the bathroom that can be fixed. This will help you in knowing the exact improvement that can be further achieved in your bathroom.

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You might be confused about how to deal with the process of remodeling bathroom on budget but as you’ll do things you’ll understand the process and things you need to fix in your bathroom. Trailing is a good option as it will help you in performing the process by practicing. Have patience while performing the job, as this is not a job where you can rush and complete the work.

Even there are simply ideas that can help you with the process of remodeling bathroom on budget. Sometimes, by simply changing the color of the tiles installed in the bathroom is enough to completely change the look of your bathroom. Performing this idea is well worth option that can simply solve your problem of remodeling bathroom on budget. The tiles are generally quite affordable that can simply help you in maintaining your budget.

Painting the walls:


Person Painting bathroom tiles
Bathroom tiles painted by a home owner

I know, each and every bathroom is well painted but have you ever thought of repainting it rather than selling your home? Repainting the walls of the bathroom is an efficient work and idea that will not only help in improving the look but will also help in remodeling bathroom on budget without spending a more of your penny. Applying a new coat of paint can simply transform the appearance of the room.

If your bathroom walls are covered with old wallpapers, remove it so that you can stream up with the new paint on its surface. If you’re planning to over paint the painted walls, it is advisable to remove any dirty, sticky and flaked area on the walls so that the application of new paint stays for a well better time. You might need to sand a little so that it can peel off the uneven and flaked surface of the walls. It is also important to identify that the walls of the bathroom are free from accumulated mold and mildew before you start painting it. If you still observe the accumulation of mildew, it is advisable to add mildew inhibitor to the paint you’re to use on your bathroom walls.

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It is advisable of placing the painter’s tape on the all the edges of the walls which you’re not interested in painting. Things like tiles, decorative aspects should be covered by painter’s tape so that you don’t end up ruining the things. Cover the shower, bathtub and the furnishings in bathroom before you head ahead with the process of painting your bathroom walls.

Make the use of neutral colors. Neutral colors are best suitable because it will offer bigger space feeling and also lead in making it more spacious. It is advisable to stick white, creams and other low key tones of colors that will surely help you in improving the look of your bathroom. You can also make the use of contrasting colors. This will surely bring a modern touch to your bathroom that too on a low budget as you targeted.

Bathroom cabinets and vanity:


Repainted Bathroom vanity
Bathroom vanity painting tips

If you’ve installed wood cabinets in your bathroom, taking proper care is important. Sand the wood on the existing cabinets and repaint it with the color that actually complements the interiors of the bathroom. It is advisable to use a waterproof latex paint for painting the bathroom cabinets. This will help in preventing water damage to the cabinets installed.

Before painting the bathroom cabinets, it is important to repair any dent or broken pieces. Dents can be filled by using putty of the similar color that of the cabinets and you can simply paint over it the color which you want to paint on your bathroom cabinets. It is advisable of nail up or tighten the loose parts of the bathroom cabinets. Make the use of glue for attaching them back on its place. If anything loose is observed, it is advisable to screw them back to the walls or to any other backing so that you can prevent further loosening effects.

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Even you can add different splashes of color tones to the bathroom cabinets and vanity. When it comes for the vanity, there are varied options available in market. If you don’t want to replace the old vanity with the new one, you can simply repaint your bathroom vanity by using different types of color. It is advisable to use a waterproof paint so that the water no more can affect the look of your bathroom vanity. Even for small budget home owners, replacing curtains, towels and other small things in the bathroom can simply make a huge difference in the process of remodeling bathroom on budget.

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