Tips on Preventing Mold in your Home

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Girl cleaning the Mold
Accumulated mold treated by a woman

Exposure to mold is more common than you are thinking. It might be possible that your home might be infected with mold, but you don’t realize it. Now a days, exposure to the mold is common both the outside and the inside of the home. Some home owners are more sensitive than other, especially those with the problem of asthma and allergies. Generally, the spores of mold are very small can easily be inhaled into the lungs. It is harmful to live in a home observing high level of mold. It is advisable for preventing mold as fast as possible. Because exposure to high spores levels can cause severe mold allergies to the people living in the home.

Generally, mold grows on an organic substance or material as leather, paper, soap scum and dirt. Mold grows best at moist or warm temperature, ranging from 73 to 81 degree Fahrenheit. One of the simplest ways of identifying or detecting the accumulation of mold is by using your own senses. A musty odor is one of the indication top detect mold. Not only is the mold smelly, but it can be of different colors like gray and black to green and orange. Watermarks on the walls and the ceilings are the telltale signs of mold.

For preventing the mold from the walls or the ceiling of your home, most often water and bleach is used for getting rid of the mold from the house. The problem is this doesn’t guarantees that the mold won’t come back again. But the only way of getting rid of it is to apply the steps or tips of preventing mold from the home.

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Tips of preventing mold:

  1. Wet materials need to be dried as fast as possible:

Mold has the tendency of even growing in two days if given the right conditions. Leaving the wet towel or other wet items lying around outside or inside of the home gives mold a chance to grow thoroughly. Ever left the laundry in the washer for too long time? You might observe the nasty smell when you pull it out. The smell is basically of the mold.

  1. Disinfecting, drying and cleaning the surfaces helps in preventing the mold growth:

The surfaces namely, the floors or sinks are also among the favorite places for mold, more possibility of growing mold, if it is observed wet most of the time. But you are lucky because these are typically non porous surfaces like stone, tile or laminate which makes them ideal for disinfectants and other cleaners.

Some of the home owners consider that the safest and the strongest method of disinfecting is to use a vapor steam cleaner. Once finished with the process of preventing mold, make sure no moisture remains. Trust me, mold can grow faster than you think. At the end, make sure that the surfaces are dry, that helps in preventing other hazards for the members living in the home too.

  1. Reduce the level of moisture by running the exhaust fan after and during the shower:

The foggy mirror in the bathroom isn’t the worst problem you will have if you don’t use the fan while having shower. The moisture present in the air is getting into every cranny and nook, that kind of places that are very hard to clean, even if you don’t notice the mold growing in there. The exhaust fans helps to minimize the level of moisture in the bathroom as well as it helps in preventing the mold from growing.

  1. Fix the plumbing seepage or leaks to prevent the buildup of moisture and preventing mold from growing:

Generally, leaks are the cause of pipes that have disintegrated already. It is very important to replace the old pipes as soon as possible when it starts showing the indication of being dilapidated. The moisture present in the leaky pipes will travel much faster than the visible signs of mold. No matter how much you try to keep your home clean, but there are certain areas you neglect or can’t get to. Those are the places where mold loves to grow.

  1. Store camping gear, clothing and other occasional items in a dry and clean form for preventing mold.

It is advisable of thoroughly drying up the items before you start keeping them into the storage. Try to put them outside or in the place where proper air circulation is observed. The last thing you want to find out on a camping trip is that your tent was put wet for the last time or is now covered in mold.

  1. Increase the air floor within the home:

For preventing the growth of the mold, start moving the furniture away from the walls and open the doors of the closet to permit ample amount of air circulation. Dark areas or confined spaces should be kept well ventilated. Over air conditioning and fans, it is advisable of opening the windows. There should be stable availability of fresh air coming inside the house for preventing the mold.

  1. Deal with the basement for preventing condensation:

Mold accumulated on the wall
Accumulation of mold observed on the walls

We all know that no one likes going down in the musty basement. It is advisable of hiring someone for doing this job and dealing with it. Whether that means running a dehumidifier, getting more air circulation or installing a drain in the foundation, don’t let the moisture remain trapped under or beneath your home foundation. Installing storm or thermal pane windows or insulating the walls, helps in keeping the walls warm and rid of condensation.

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You might realize it but the beautiful plants grown in your backyard, might be harboring and inviting unwanted foes and friends. Plants works greatly for keeping the air clean in the home but it can be also the source for inviting mold at your home. For avoiding this situation, make the use of taheboo tea. It helps in retarding mold growth in the plant’s soil. Just by adding this tea to the plants at your home, is the ultimate trick for preventing mold at your home.

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