Tips on Preventing Humidity in Basement

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2017)
Grown algae on basement wall
Basement walls affected by Grown algae

Humidity is the biggest cause of dampness in the home. Humidity can simply cause many damaging effects to not only the entire home but most of the time the target is basement. It can damage the basement up to the higher extent.  If the dampness is not prevented soon, it might turn up to water leaks and moisture damage in your basement. Even the dampness observed due to humidity might cause damaging effects to the foundation and the walls of the basement. It might also lead to structural damage, humid and moisture air, rotting and potential health problems like contaminated air for breathing leads to respiratory problems.

But many of times, presence of humidity is observed in the basement due to water leaks from other sections of the home. Also the household activities like washing, cooking, laundry and bathing are also the culprits behind water leaks in the basement. Want to get rid of these issues of humidity in your basement? Here are certain tips and ways of getting rid of accumulated humidity in basement that should be prevented as fast as possible for enjoying better and healthier basement in your home.

Humidity in basement – Preventive tips:

  • There are many different types and kinds of dehumidifiers available in the market. Select the perfect one that is suitable to your home interiors as well as your need. Make the use of dehumidifier in your basement during the humid climate for preventing the accumulation of moisture. It works in removing the excessive accumulation of moisture present in the air and also helps in preventing condensation that you might see up forming on the concrete walls of your basement.
  • Effects of humidity
    Effects of humidity and moisture

    When it comes for preventing the accumulated humidity in basement, it’s advisable of properly inspecting the ventilation fans and cloth dryer vents installed. They are basically installed I bathrooms and kitchen. Make sure that the exhaust fans are directly transferred to the exteriors of the home. Don’t let the exhaust or outlet placed in the basement otherwise it might increase the amount of moisture accumulation in your basement. It simply results into damaging the foundation and walls of the basement.

  • If you’re confused about what to do for getting rid of humidity in basement, simply call for the professional. Consult or speak to the professional who has fitted the air conditioning, heating and ventilation criteria HVAC in your home. They’ll help you in making sure that the system is working in a properly. They’ll make sure that the equipped is properly sized and fitted for removing the accumulated proportion of humidity in basement.
  • You can simply start the process of inspection by checking for any air leaks in your clothes dryer. Make sure that the ventilation pipe in your clothes dryer is attached properly to the dryer. It helps in preventing the excessive amount of humidity for escaping and spreading up in to your entire basement. As basement doesn’t have much of options of windows and vents, it’s advisable of opening the doors of your basement at least for once or twice in a month. Open it and let it be like this for certain time. This helps in removing any excess amount of moisture present in the basement.
  • Opening the basement doors and functioning the oscillation fan in the basement helps in circulating bad air to travel out and allows fresh air to enter up the premise. You can simply make the use of any book, furniture or even small paper work for keeping the door open. It helps in removing the humidity from the basement completely. It will remove the humidity completely and also the possibilities of growing mold and mildew in your basement anymore.
  • When it comes for water leaks, inspecting the basement regularly should be your motto. Examine and observe any water leaks on the ceiling or the walls or on the foundation of the basement that simply might be originating from your kitchen or bathroom. You can identify it by watching out any signs of water puddles, which is also recognized by the name of standing water. There are chances that you might observe these water puddles on the floors that are caused by the water leaks due to rain water.
  • Basement humidity question on green board
    Basement humidity

    Even there are chances of getting beads of condensation on the walls of the basement. Examine it carefully, as they are the cause due to cold foundation made up of the concrete in humid climate. But, if you observe a water leak in the foundation of the basement, it’s advisable of hiring a plumber or a professional contractor for immediately repairing the water leaks originating from any of the room to the basement and also for repairing the damaged foundation.

  • Most of the time, the water leaks are caused due to damaging issues in bathroom and kitchen. Inspect each and every section of the home for identifying the leaking effects. While, it’s not a compulsion that the home interiors are the only cause of humidity in basement, many a time the exterior ones are also the culprits. It’s advisable of cleaning the downspout and the rain gutters installed in your home.
  • Clean them on a regular basis for preventing the issue of standing water and flooding in your basement. It’s advisable to work safely as you might need to climb up high on your roof. Make the use of ladder and climb up on the surface of the roof. Work on a normal climate condition for avoiding the accidents of falling of getting slipped. Make the use of thick working gloves and start removing the accumulated debris and leaves observed in the rain gutters. Use a bucket for collecting the unwanted stuffs off from your roof.
  • You can also make the use of some tools like scooper or a garden trowel for loosening and cleaning off the debris from the rain gutter. Even using a high pressured washer is advisable for removing some of the stubborn debris that is not getting off from the surface. Scrub the rain gutters well before you start using it again!
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