Tips on Organizing Kids Bedroom

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Kids bedroom
Organized Kids bedroom

It’s a battle cry for millions of parents: Clean your bedroom, kids! Is this going to ring out again in your home today? Some of the seasonal event like holidays, birthdays or a new year of the school helps in bringing fresh motivation for driving the kids for getting more organized, and trust me, nowhere is the battle ground so intense than in kids bedroom. How do you help you kids clean up and organize life in a bedroom? Try the stated tips on organizing your kids bedroom to calm clutter and bring a proper order to your kids bedroom.



Kids bedroom organizing tips:

Take a kid’s eye view:

Kids Bedroom
Kids Bedroom ideas

Get down to your kid’s eye level for helping her or home in getting organized. Pay proper attention to your kid’s storage, furniture, space and possession from her or his vantage point. And the results of the view might surprise you.

Adult organization and furniture system doesn’t translate well to your kid’s need. Say for example sticky dressers drawers are very hard for the small hands to organize and manage. Folding closet doors pinch fingers and jump their rails when pushed from the bottom surface. Closing hanging doors are out of the reach of kids, while adult hangers won’t be able to fit the smaller cloths. Traditional toy boxes house a tangled jumble of scatters and mixed parts of different toys.

But for organizing your kids bedroom, the solutions must totally fit your kids. For younger children, it is advisable of removing the closet doors entirely. Invest in kid-sized hangers and install lower clothing rods in the closets. Use floor level open containers for holding the toys and open the plastic baskets for storing the underwear and socks of them.

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It is advisable of devising and planning a simple checklist for daily maintenance. For organizing your kids bedroom, tailor the efforts of your kids.

Bring your kids into the process:

Resist the urge to wade into the mess alone, garbage bags flying. Threats and glitter teeth of you will help in keeping the bedroom neat and clean. It is advisable of not touching the roots of the problem; let your kids know the efforts of organizing their bedroom on their own.

Instead of that parents should look at the organizing process as a learning activity for your kids. Put the focus of organizing on them. It is well said that, you view your role as that of organizational consultant for your kids.

Carefully survey what’s working, what’s important for your kids, what’s not, what is causing the problem, and what things your kids need in their bedroom.

Partner up with your kids, you stand a better chance for devising an organization pattern and better organizing system that helps in making sense to your kids. If they’re involved in the process, kids will better be able to understand the logic of organizing and will also help in organizing the room.

Simplify, store and sort:

I know it’s difficult for organizing a kids bedroom. Children’s room usually, shared small and generally lack of build in storage. Yet, these bedroom, are host out of season and outgrown clothing, surplus to that even toys are included in the list. Don’t forget the household overflow from the other room sin your home. Trust me, it’s very difficult that the kids stay organized when it comes for a crammed closet. The drawers are stuffed and the play thing covers each and every square of the inch of the carpet.

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The solution for this is to simply go for sorting, storing and simplifying the things in your kids bedroom. Start from clothing. Sort it out in different drawers according to the needs, and store out of the season clothing elsewhere.

Remove the extras so that it can help in making more space in the closet. And when it comes for younger kids, toy library is the perfect answer suitable for over abundant toys. It is advisable of using a large lidded plastic container, a box or you can also use a large sized plastic garbage bag, for entrusting a section of toys into the toy library.

You can easily store the containers, in an out of the way in your home premise. It is also advisable of bringing the toy container out in some rainy days. It will help to regain the freshness sand interest for the kids to play with them again.

For older kids, higher closet shelves are one of the best options for increasing the space and use the most of it. Clear the plastic storage shoebox container that help in holding little pieces of toys easily.

Make it easier for putting it away and harder to get out:

One of the premier rule of efficient organizing kids bedroom is by making it easier for putting off some things away than it is to get it out. Say for example, you can store the picture books as flip files and standing upright in a plastic dishpan. The kids flip the book through, make his selection and easily can toss the books in the front of dishpan when he or she is done with the job.

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You can also make a comparison with the traditional bookcase, where the little fingers can easily pull down the whole shelf faster than they can replace of keep another book. Build the efforts into the getting out process, and not by the putting away process.

Label, Label, Label:

Labelling the kids bedroom drawers
Kids bedroom drawers are Labelled

When it comes for organizing your kids bedroom for a longer period of time, labels helps in saving your days! You can make the use of computer printers for making graphical labels. Say for example: pictures and images of shirts, dolls, socks, or blocks that help in reminding them, that where these items are to be stored.

This will also help your kids in increasing their reading skills. You can also type large sized words as in the form of labels, for increasing the vocab of your kids. Even playing match the label can be a fun and cute toy pickup into a game.

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