Tips on Organizing Home Office

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Home Office organizing tips
Organizing home office

Working from home sounds really great, isn’t it? Unless and until your home office is a disaster for work your office stuffs. There’s nothing like sauntering down the stair case and simply pressing the on button of your computer and start working in your pajama, right? There are many benefits of working from home like flexibility and personal space, but it’s also very important of creating a professional ambience for working in that way. Trying to balance the professional as well as the personal life is tough, because there are many issues that come in your way of performing both at a time. Still trying to carve out a neat and tidy working space for your own? Following these simple tips on organizing your home office will help in preventing the cluttering situation at your home.

Organizing home office tips:

Declutter the paper work:

It’s very easy to let the paper pile on your home office. It’s advisable of get control on the clutter before it takes its roots in your home office. You can work ahead by taking the easiest system of three: toss it, file it properly and take proper action from it. Even you can use the color coded filing system for saving and filing your most important office paper in it. Filing the office paper in the color coded files helps in recognizing the paper when you’re in a hurry need of it.

Color coding the office paper filing system:

Different names of the Folder
Folder named according to the files

For organizing your home office, a well-organized filing system works among the good identification code for a functional office space. You can organize your home office by making the use and implementing the color coding filing system into more than four or five colors too.

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Color red: Financial

Color blue: Medical

Color yellow: Personal

Color orange: Insurance

Color green: House

It’s advisable of making the use of labels for hanging ion each and every colored folder you’ve used for storing and filing your important documents. Even, you can create a mail organizer for accumulating and organizing each and every important mail of yours. Keep a box container in your home office. Store each and every folder at a place in your office so that it doesn’t get misplaced when in need.

Buildup a mailing station:

If planning of maintaining a control on paper coming and entering in your home office, it’s advisable of creating a mailing station. It will help in organizing your home office by inviting less clutter to your space. Try it out by making and creating a folder of outgoing and incoming mails, mails that are important to file, folder for bills and a specific folder for your family members too.

As soon as you’re arrived with the mail file it off right away to the mailing station prepared. It’s advisable of going through all the mails every week for knowing the exact situation of your mails arrived.

Creating your own printing station:

Design a space in your home office for a printer and the printer supplies too. Well, there are many options for printers too. If you’re having the wireless printer you’ll not need a desk for keeping it permanent to a place. You can easily place it in any cabinet or even you can hand it up with you when you’re working in different areas of your home.

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Even, you can place it in the cabinets or different drawers in your home office, it will help you in gaining much more space on your working desk for storing and organizing your other office items.

Make the use of containers:

Store small officer stuffs in containers. It’s very easy and organizing your home office in this way will help in declurttering your desk. You can store the office supplies in such drawers, baskets, container, and also small bins. Putting all this office supplied out of your eye sight will help you in preventing clutter look if your home office.

Label the bins and baskets:

The containers, baskets and bins used for storing the office supplies should be labeled appropriately. It’s also advisable of investing ion a good label maker for the boxes, containers and the flies you used in your home office. It’s among the easiest way of organizing your home office.

When you’ll need something in your office, you’ll exactly know where the things are kept and in which folder it is stored or filed.

Categorize the office stuffs:

Office stuffs organizied
Organized the office stuffs

The process of organizing your home office becomes easier if you’re categorizing your office. Placing all the items together only results in huge clutter. By following this process, your home office will be more functional and professional. For instance, the example for it is stated below:

Some of the common categories are like:

Tools: Staple, staple remover, straight cutter and hole puncher

Stickies: Sticky tabs, stickers and notes

Mail: Stamps, address labeling and envelopes

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Budget: calculator, billing calendar and checkbooks


Organize your book shelf in your home office. You can easily organize your books and important folders by its colors, size and genre. it depends upon your preference, which should be kept in an order of size or color.

It’s advisable of organizing the books according to the color of the books. It helps in offering a stunning pattern of design while on the other side helps in organizing your home office clutter free. It will offer a better organized look that is helpful in making and maintaining your home office more functional.

Utilize the wall space available in your home office:

It’s one of the easiest ways of organizing your home office. Make optimum utilization of the wall space available. There are any different options of hanging things like files and folders on the walls space. Even you can hang important calendars, shelves and white boards for your office work. Trust me, there is so much more of the place available on your desk if you’re planning of going and creating a vertical atmosphere for your home office. Organize your home office in such a way that helps in reducing the clutter and increasing the functionality of the working space.

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