Tips on Making your Painting Job Interesting and Quick

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Person holding Paint brush and bucket
Painting project by a person

Planning of something interesting yet beautiful look for your home? But still afraid that you won’t have enough time for tackling the upcoming stuffs ahead? Well, painting your home would be a perfect yet a suitable option. It is not only one of the least expensive methods of drastically changing the look of your decor but it’s also the quickest method for applying paint in your home. By applying accurate paint, you can easily change the overall look of your home within few hours. You just need to spend a single weekend of yours and you can change the look and appearance of your room totally.

Even, still you’re thinking that you’re not having much of time for large painting project, think again my friend! Read below for understanding some simple trick for painting your home with quick and easy ways for making your home look even more interesting.

Painting your home:

Start planning ahead:

In earlier times, we’re not waiting for collecting the tools and materials for stepping ahead to the painting project. As a result it would result in making more time consumption than you’re thinking. Well, here comes the importance of planning ahead before you start painting your home.

Before you head forwards to a paint store, it’s advisable of preparing a check list of things you’re going to need at the time of painting your home. Think for exactly what you’ll need while painting, the tools and the supplies. Make a note of the inventory of what you’re having and make a list of those things that you’re not having.

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Don’t forget to include the basic that you’ll need while painting your home like paint brushes, roller covers, drop cloths, paint, spackles and the roller pans. In fact you can make the use of an online paint calculator for determining how much you’re going to need and what amount of paint you should buy.

Select right types of painting tools:

Many home owners thinks that all the paint roller and paint brushes might be of the equal size and structures regardless the price. But, in an effort of saving some few bucks, you should not make the mistake of selecting wrong type of tool for painting your home. Home owners shouldn’t make the mistake of purchasing wrong tools that isn’t suitable to their painting style.

It’s advisable of understand the value of the quality of your paint brush because it would be easy to spend up some of few more bucks on selecting right tool but painting your home with the wrong one might end up offering you with a disaster.

Well, quality paint brushes and rollers are worth their weight in gold. The reason they cost extra amount of bucks because they last for a longer period of time as compared to other quality of paint brushes and rollers. It never sheds the brush hair and is less likely to leave any stains that are hard to cover by the home owners.

This simply means that you’ll take less time of concealing the stains and marks from the brush and you’ll be able to enjoy more time while painting your home.

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Good quality primer and paint:

Girls Prepping for paint
Prepping project for painting the walls

Similar to the painting tools, not all the paint is created with equal and standard measures. There is even cheap paint available that is for cheap reason that it takes several more coats for getting a good amount of coverage on the walls.

Whereas the quality paints will allow better coverage on the walls, it simply means that you’ll spend less of your time in slapping up another and additional coats of paint. But when it comes for coloring with darker or lighter shades of paint on your walls, it’s advisable of adding primer to your painting process of your home.

A better color blocking primer works as a lifesaver for the home owners. Well, for enjoying the best results make the use of a primer that has been designed for matching up the new paint color you’re applying o your walls.

And if you’re planning of taking your walls from color paint to the white shade, it’s advisable of adding darker shade primer for concealing the old color shade in a better way.

Selection of similar color for painting your home:

This might one of the reasons of delaying in the work of painting your home is selection of different colors. It’s advisable of opting for similar colors as much as possible. Making a drastic change in selection of your paint color might take too long for home owners for painting your home.

Instead of covering your walls of different shades of colors, make the use of different shades of the old color already applied on your walls. Trust me, it will take less of your time and even it’ll require fewer efforts for covering the areas of paint.

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Paint only the important areas:

Man painting with roller
Roller used for painting the walls by man

Extensive painting preparation leads up in eating up the chunks of time for your painting project. Well, you most likely not to prep completely before you start your process of painting your home. It’s advisable of preparing for the most stained walls affected by mold and mildew. Apply degreaser on the greasy walls. Scrub a little and let it stay for some while on the walls.

Even, you can quickly act upon the stains observed on your walls by using a dampen cloth for removing the accumulated dust and loose dirt from the surface of your walls. Don’t forget to cover up the floors by making the use of drop cloths. Even place the cloths on your heavy furniture which are not able to shift to other rooms. Applying painter’s tape to the edges of the floor is advisable, but it might consume a lot more time. Instead you can make the use of trimmed angled painting brush for painting the walls by not affecting the sides of your floor. You can easily enjoy good results by cutting in the edges of your paint brush and paint it your way for easy and quick painting of your home.

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