Tips on Maintaining Garage Door

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Garage Door repaired by two people
Two people working on Garage Door

We all know that a garage door is amongst the most functional doors in our home. It totally makes proper sense that it should be maintained and took proper care of. It’s advisable of taking care of your garage door as much as possible. In fact we can say we all make the use of our garage door, rather every single day of our life. Hence, if you’re observing a broken garage door, it isn’t the thing that can be ignored just like that. Well, here is the list of tips on maintaining your garage door that will ensure your garage door is always functioning in an accurate manner without noticing any breakdown.


Garage door preserving tips:

  • If the garage door is not properly balanced, trust me it’s not going to work for a longer period of time. The opener of the garage door is designed to handle only some of the work, so if your garage door is not balanced correctly, it might result in shouldering far more weight on its shoulder and eventually it will result in breaking down.
  • Make sure you’re using right type of counter weight i.e. the spring. And for accessing over the counterweight system of your garage door, you’ll be needed to pull the red cord. Sometimes it might be in the form of handle or in the form or cord. Start manually adjusting your garage doors. Adjust your garage doors unless and until it opens to the halfway.
  • If you think that the counterweight is doing its task well, the garage door should be able to maintain its height well. And if you find that the counterweight is not functioning properly, then you might need to call for a professional for fixing it. It’s advisable of making a dely. Delay might result into breaking down your garage door completely.
  • Pay proper attention each time when you’re operating or closing your garage door. If you hear some screeching or grinding sound in your garage door, well, it might increase the ratio of expenditure. This screeching sound results into damaging effects in your garage door.
  • It’s advisable of at least taking a second or few for hearing any sound coming from the garage door. You should check that your garage door is functioning according to the system and smoothly too.
  • The sound of screeching results in friction getting damaged. Spending some couple of extra seconds in your garage will help in preventing a huge damage that might take place in coming future.
  • A well working garage door relies on different spare parts and hardware pieces attach to it. And each and every part of your garage door is equally important for better functioning of your garage door. This might be the reason for examining your hardware properly, just keep that in mind that all the parts of the door is working properly.
  • It’s advisable of seeing that no parts of your garage door are loose or not. Take some time out and watch out for the any loose hardware parts in your garage door. Tighten the hardware parts which are loose.
  • Most of the garage doors are used for no less than thousand times in a year. It’s very easy for vibrations to loosen the brackets and the bolts out of its place. Make sure that the brackets and the bots are tightened properly because if not fixed, it might result into breaking down your garage door down the line.
  • Rollers of garage door
    Roller attached in the garage door

    When a garage door is operated like closed or opened, it does so along the tracks that is framed in the doors. But for performing this, you’ll be in need of rollers that help in keeping it in the place.

  • It’s advisable of inspecting the garage door regularly for examining proper operating system of it. The rollers are although tend to be made up of durable and sustainable materials like metal and nylon, still there are chances that the rollers can break over the period of time.
  • Well, usually the rollers approximately takes seven to eight years for breaking down, but this might not be the case all the time. Still if you observe that the rollers installed are damaged or worn, it’s advisable of removing the damaged roller from the door and replace it with the new one.
  • Garage door is made up of different mechanism. It is simply designed with different metal parts that are needed to be lubricated regularly. If your garage door is not working according to the friction, it simply means that your garage door is not in a good condition to function.
  • If your garage door is working slow or causing malfunction in its operating, it might be inviting trouble for the home owners. Hence, it’s very important to lubricate each and every parts of your garage door.
  • Lubricate spray applied on the garage door
    Lubrication applied on the rollers of garage door

    Lubrication helps in operating the garage door while opening and closing in a smooth manner. For keeping your garage door sealed shut, it’s advisable of adding weather stripping across the bottom and the edges of it.

  • But, if you observe that it has becomes cracked, broken or brittle, trust me you’re not getting anything out of it. It’s advisable of casting your eyes regularly on the weather stripping, as and when necessary. If you’re not having it, head forwards towards a general store for buying it for your home.
  • Don’t forget to check the cables attached to the system of your garage door. The cables attached to the bottom roller brackets are important for lifting your door up and other way too. But, making them work is also among a situation of tension.
  • So, it’s advisable of checking the cables regularly and keep an eye on any damage that is observed. Repair it immediately because it might lead in damaging your garage door completely.
  • Check for the safety measures while working with your garage door. Make sure your garage door is operating in an accurate manner because if it’s not functioning in a perfect manner, it might lead in damaging your car or by injuring someone.
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