Tips on Keeping your Carpet Clean

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2017)
Carpet cleaning tips
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We all know, carpeting is an expensive procedure. It needs ample amount of time, proper materials and tools for installing the same. So you want to maintain your carpet for a longer term of time? You’ll be required to keep your carpet clean as much as you can, as the process of cleaning the carpet is a continuous process. But, by paying proper attention and providing ample amount of time you can easily enjoy your clean carpet for many upcoming years.

Still, don’t know what is the key for carpet cleaning process? Regular maintaining and cleaning is the key for it. Even professional cleaning and regular vacuuming is another important aspect for keeping your carpet clean. In fact you can take many of the beneficial actions for keeping your carpet clean like preventing stains from surface of the carpet by removing your shoes outside the home premise. Simply by avoiding certain habits, you can easily prevent the damaging effects on your carpet. Make the use of certain carpet cleaning powders and rubbing over the stains that you observe on your carpet. Here are certain tips and ways of carpet cleaning process that you can also implement in your home. Make sure to have proper tools and required cleaning solution for the same!

Carpet cleaning tips:

  • First and the foremost thing every home owner should offer to the carpet is regular vacuuming. Many a times we observe the accumulated debris and dirt in the surface of the carpet. Even, they can catch easily in the carpet fur. It simply leads in damaging the carpet if kept for a longer period of time.
  • But with the help of using vacuum regularly, you can easily keep your carpet clean for lasting it a durable time. It’s advisable of investing in a good quality vacuum machine that helps provable to you. Investing in a good quality vacuum helps in offering a thorough cleaning process.
  • Vacuum used for cleaning the carpet
    Vacuuming the carpet

    Vacuuming at least for twice in a week helps in keeping your carpet clean and neat. Don’t forget to cover the areas under the tables and the furniture installed in your home. In fact you can try something different this time than to simply clean it by using a vacuum cleaner. It’s advisable of sprinkling baking soda before you head ahead for vacuuming your carpet.

  • Sprinkle good amount of baking soda on the floor surface before you start vacuuming the carpet. There are many benefits of using baking soda as the means of cleaning process. It helps in getting rid of bad odors and works as an absorbent. It simply helps in keeping your carpet feel fresh and smell good. Surplus to that it looks neat and clean.
  • Start by sprinkling baking soda before you start vacuuming the carpet. Let it rest for some while. It’s advisable to pay proper attention of those areas which are affected the most by bad odors and stains. And when it comes for the stains, make sure you clean it as fast as possible. Rather I suggest clean it right away as it occurs.
  • We’re not going to change the entire carpet just because of one stain, isn’t it? Than why to waste time letting the stains take their home permanently in our carpet? So if you observe any stains on your carpet, tackle it up right away. As any type of spill or stain requires quick action before it starts making their roots permanently.
  • Make the use of good quality cleaner and apply it on the stains. It’s advisable to use a clean rag for blotting up the stain immediately. Keep the process of blotting the spill unless and until it is completely dry. Make the use of vacuum for cleaning the stained area. It’s advisable of using a clean and white cloth for removing the stains off the carpet.
  • It is important to use white cloth for not letting any other dye of cloth stuck up in your carpet. And if you do not prefer using chemical based cleaning solutions, natural ingredients are simply waiting for your call. Prepare the combination of baking soda and white vinegar in a bowl and apply it on the affected areas on your carpet.
  • It usually works best for removing the stubborn stains. You can prepare it by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and baking soda and directly apply it on the stains. Let it rest unless and until it completely gets dry. Rinse it up by using the blotting method. Make sure to use a clean cloth for removing the same.
  • Even calling for a professional carpet cleaning process is not a bad idea at all. Even after cleaning your carpet regularly, if the stains and the dirt are not getting off, it’s advisable to make a call for professional carpet cleaners. Professional cleaning process is necessary on certain types of occasions when situations are actually not in our hands.
  • You can simply call for them twice of thrice in a year. Their cleaning techniques and tools are a bit different than ours. Where to find them? You can simply take the help of yellow pages or go online for finding your type of carpet cleaner. It’s advisable of always read each and every review before you hire them. Many of them works well while some of them not! Make sure you’re aware about each and everything of the contract before they start the process.
  • Shoes on mattress
    Shoes outside the home

    If possible make the habit of removing your shoes outside before you step ahead for entering the home premise. This helps in solving most of your problem regarding accumulate dirt into your carpet.

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