Tips on Keeping your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2017)
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Have you ever thought of getting a day off from your routine just to attempt a task of cleaning your bathroom? Well, cleaning a bathroom is never a fun game Folks! Many of us fight for simply not cleaning the bathroom. While many of the members of the home takes turn for cleaning the bathroom. Well, have you ever seen a toilet? Yes, I guess you surely did, not asking in that manner but simply want to say have you ever observe how to handle this small and tiny thing in the bathroom? Everyone almost avoiding cleaning the toilet but if not cleaned, it simply would result in getting worst.

Want to learn how to clean your bathroom sparkling white? Learn it here. Learn how to make your bathroom sparkling clean by following the started tips. Well, cleaning the house might sound and turn up to be interesting but cleaning the bathroom sparkling white might end up getting worst. Proper tools and materials are essential for cleaning your bathroom streak fee. Even the cleaning solution plays an important role while the process. You need to spend you much of time over cleaning the bathroom. Here are cool tips and tricks that might prove helpful to you while performing the process of cleaning your bathroom. Using the stated tips will help you in having a streak free bathroom with accurate shining effects that you wanted to have in your bathroom. Even, using your everyday cleaning products can also turn up showing miracles to your bathroom. Here is the list of things that is fruitful to the home owners, check it below and enjoy!!

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Follow the tips for enjoying super clean bathroom every day. This are simple tips that can turn up your bathroom to be streak free and super clean as you wanted to have.

Bathroom cleaning tips:


  • Have you observed any hard to remove and stubborn stains in your bathroom? Or any stains on your sink or bathtub? Well, simply try something new this time than the typical ones. Make the use of ultrafine sandpaper. Use it by scrubbing up on the stubborn stains that are not getting off the surface of the sink or tub.
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    After scrubbing it well, clean the surface by using a soft and clean cloth. It’s advisable of using dampen cloth so that it offers a better shinning effects on the surface. Have you heard about using baby oil for cleaning the bathroom? If you’re installed a chrome sink in your bathroom, make the use of baby oil for cleaning it. Use by applying some of the quantity on a soft cloth and rub it on the faucet or sink installed.

  • Trust me folks, it would simply turn up the shine that you’re looking for. Your faucet in the bathroom will be back to its shine and in a good working condition too. Not only baby oil, but vinegar also helps in playing a better role for the same. Cleaning the accumulated chrome by using vinegar is really effective.
  • Take a bowl and mix water, vinegar and some amount of lemon. Mix it well and add it up to the spray bottle. Make the use of baking soda by applying it on the surface of chrome and sprinkling the prepared solution onto it. Let it rest for some while. Make the use of warm water and for cleaning the surface where the solution is applied. As you’ll apply hot water, it will start reacting. Let the bubbles get completely dry on the surface and the after clean it by normal water.
  • Have you ever observed any blue green stains on the surface of your sink or near the faucet, it is simply because of the water accumulation or the stagnant water. If you observe any of them, it means that your faucet is leaking and damaged. You need to fix your faucet before it gets even worst. After foxing the leaking faucet, apply the cleaning solution of borax and lemon. Take a bowl and mix borax with lemon together. Start rubbing it and applying it on the stains. Let it rest for several minutes so that it can react according to the stain.
  • Use Luke warm water for removing the solution. Let the surface get completely dry before you take any of the decision further. If your still observe the stains, repeat the process again for enjoying a sparkling clean bathroom.
  • Make the use of a bathroom squeegee after you take your shower and clean the bathtub every day for not letting any accumulation of stains on the surface. If your get regularly with the effects of using squeegee, you’ll definitely prevent the accumulation of mold, mildew and bacteria on the surface of your bathtub. Even, making the use of squeegee on the shower floor also helps in preventing the accumulation of germs on the surface.
  • Probably the use of squeegee is done for cleaning the shower glass, walls and the doors. But, if you don’t use it regularly, it will result in growing water marks on the walls and the doors of your bathroom. There are many tips and tricks available of using the squeegee,. Make your attempt and try to clean it for the best results.
  • Lady cleaning toilet with borax
    Toilet cleaned by using borax by a lady

    Are your frustrated seeing those toilet stains? Once again, the use of vinegar with borax is the best cleaning solution that is helpful for getting rid of the stains. The acidic reaction of the materials is best suitable for cleaning the toilet. Start the process by adding three to four cups of vinegar to the toilet bowl and scrub it well on the areas that are affected by stains. Let it rest for some while and add borax to the vinegar bowl.

  • Borax will start reacting with vinegar and hence will remove each and every grime and accumulated stain from the toilet bowl. It’s advisable of leaving the solution for more than 30 minutes for enjoying the best results. Borax powder works for removing the toilet stains off the surface of the toilet, so make sure of using it for the best!
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