Tips on Homemade Bathroom Cleaners for Cleaning Bathroom

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2017)
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Thinking that only scrubbing and cleaning your bathroom regularly helps you in getting rid of stubborn stains is I guess a mistake! Scrubbing down a bathroom is generally not amongst the top most favorite things to do while cleaning the bathroom. In fact I can say, you might not even wanting it to be added in the list of cleaning! Isn’t it? Well, it might take the last place on the list of cleaning bathroom as this work is irritating and is time consuming too!

Still, if you try to scrub your bathroom, it’s sad to say but it might get gross even to its upper level. There are many factors and items in the bathroom that results in building up its remains like soap, shampoo and many other cleaning products. You need to get rid of it immediately for enjoying a clean and healthy bathroom further. The soap scum buildup in the shower section, the bathroom rings formation, and the stray hair balls on the corner of the gutter is something that makes us feel something weird while cleaning it. But, But, But! You can’t deny the fact of cleaning your bathroom no matter what the situation is.

As we know, calling cleaning the bathroom process to be a fun part is not viable because not a single quality is in the favor of the cleaning process. But with good cleaning process, home owners have the chance to actually observe the difference. But, if you’re thinking, dusting up the entire living space and organizing and cleaning the bedroom is one and the same thing, let me tell you folks, it’s an entirely different criterion that are supported with different cleaning solution. They both don’t have the similar effects.  Even scrubbing is an option for cleaning the bathroom, but it requires more of hard work and constant performance of cleaning. After scrubbing the parts of bathroom, it simply smells beautiful and fresh. Each and every part of the bathroom looks like pristine. Don’t forget to clean the line where the shampoo, soap scum, body washes and the scrubs. In fact we can say, it’s the perfect room that makes you feel clean and not dirty anymore.

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But, we all such that don’t want to dirt up our bathroom with some of the chemicals and harmful solutions anymore. Mind well, there are many options available to the home owners of indulging eco-friendly products in the list of their cleaning process. As there are many harmful bathroom cleaners that comprise of chemicals and toxic substances that results into damaging the tiles and the flooring surface of the bathroom. They add ammonia, carcinogens and many other harmful solvents are meant for damaging and loosening up the sealant applied to the surface of the floors. In fact many of these types of cleaning solutions results into eye irritation, skin damage and even respiratory issues too!  So why to take any type of risk? Simply get the effects of spotless and cleaned bathroom by using the safest methods of cleaning bathroom. Adopt the habit of using natural products and methods for the process that can easily be prepared by you. Want to learn how to make the natural bathroom cleaners at home? Try out this stated natural cleaning solution for the perfect results of neat and spotless bathroom in your home!

Natural bathroom cleaners:

Sink and bathtub scrub:

Are you tired of seeing and cleaning those accumulated soap scum and also the other build up on the tubs and sinks in your bathroom? Here is the perfect suitable way of getting rid of the accumulated dirt. You will need certain amount of ingredients for cleaning your bathroom:

  • Baking soda
  • Peppermint essential oil or tea tree drops
  • Castile soap
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Start the process by taking a bowl and adding baking soda into it. Make sure to follow the measurement stated. Now, simply start adding soap to the mixture unless and until the mixture of baking soda gets thicker. It’s advisable of adding few drops of peppermint essential oil for making it more fragrant for your bathroom. Now make the use of sponge and pour the mixture on its surface. You can also use dampen cloth for the process. Scrub each and every part of your bathtub and sink with proper care.

Toilet bowl cleaning solution:

Toilet bowl cleaner - Home made
natural Toilet bowl cleaner

Are in need of getting a pristine clear toilet bowl in your bathroom? Follow the recipe for cleaning it in a natural way.  Ingredients to be needed:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda

There is no need of using a bowl as you need to pour the baking soda directly into the toilet bowl. Pour it in the bowl and then follow it again by pouring white vinegar. As we all know, the combination of white vinegar and baking soda simply reacts and thus results into cleaning the toilet well. It will create a chemical reaction. You will find many bubbling and fizzing effects, wait for it to happen and scrub it well by using a toilet brush. It’s advisable of using a clean toilet brush for enjoying a spotless toilet bowl for your further use.

Mirror shining cleaning solution:

Many a times we have observe after cleaning the mirrors perfectly white, still you may found many glares that simply dull up the look of your bathroom. Polish your bathroom mirrors unless and until it gleams totally. Follow this natural cleaning solution for enjoying a spotless mirror effects in your bathroom. Ingredients needed:

  • Newspaper
  • Clean cloth
  • White vinegar
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Make the use of the mixture of white vinegar and little amount of grease for cleaning the greasing effects on your bathroom mirror. Now, make the use of newspaper for rubbing and scrubbing on the surface of the mirror. You can also use a clean cloth, but make sure the cloth is very clean as you’re cleaning a mirror. In fact using newspaper is simply beneficial as it will shine and clean up your mirrors on a better way than using a store bough cleaning solution. And trust me folks, it is actually a streak free method of cleaning your bathroom mirrors.

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