Tips on Getting Rid of Damp Smell from your Home

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Lady affected by Damp smell
Lady irritated by Damp smell

Home owners should keep in mind that getting rid of damp smell from your home is very important. I know, it sounds really disgusting but, trust me, it’s even worst. The mold and mildew spores in the air can even damage the health of the people living. It can also lead to sickness. If you’re thinking, getting rid of damp smell is difficult, no, it’s not! It might take some of your more time but at the end you home would be safe and free from the damp smell. Well, for the home owners, the efforts are worthwhile. A damp smell might have several different causes, but trust me; it can definitely make your home feel less welcoming and even a bit of unpleasant. This article offers the home owners with different ways and tips of dealing with the rusty and damp smell in your bedroom or any other section of your home.

Preventing the damp smell tips:

  • Start by cleaning your home regularly. Cleaning is the best method for getting rid of damp smell from your home. It’s advisable of locating that part of the home where damp smell is originating. It’s advisable of throwing out any old cardboard or old papers that are stored because it might hold up the damp smell and allow the spores to travel in your home.
  • For any stored fabrics, it’s advisable of throwing them off from your home. It might also hold up the spores that can increase the damp smell spores more in your home. You should carefully wash or throw off any fabric in the area for getting rid of damp smell. Even, it’s advisable of throwing off any upholstery furniture that is stored in your home.
  • Once you’re finish with cleaning the space, it’s advisable of washing the entire space with the cleaning solution of water and bleach. Let it rest for some while and rinse it gently by using Luke warm water. Don’t forget to ventilate the area. Open up the windows close to the area in your home. It will help in getting rid of the damp smell off your home.
  • There are different odor absorbers available in the market. Using an odor absorber is a good option for getting rid of damp smell off your home. You can easily purchase all types of solutions or sprays that promise to eliminate the odors. But there are even cheaper and simple ways for eliminating damp smell from your home.
  • Charcoal briquettes for cleaning damp smell
    Charcoal briquettes for absorbing damp smell

    You can make the use of charcoal briquettes and add it up in an old and non-usable coffee cans. Place it near the areas affected with damp smell. It works in sucking in the air and taking away the odor. It helps in absorbing the moisture present in the atmosphere that might affect the building up process of mildew and mold smell. But, there are certain things to follow, like be aware of changing it or replacing it with the new ones every month. After a month usage, it might not that much effective as it was on day one.

  • Want to experiment something homemade? Baking soda is your option to try. It helps in getting rid of damp smell from the interiors of the home. It’s renounced by the name of odor eliminator. And trust me, it will act excellent on the damp smell. You need to simply open the box of baking soda and leave it in the areas affected by damp smell. It will automatically take away the smell of mildew.
  • Act litter is another option for the home owners. It is an efficient odor absorbent that works efficiently. Take it out from the box and lay the cat litter into a tray. Let it rest for some time and it will take away all the odor smell just like that. But make sure to replace it with the new one because it only lasts for two to three weeks.
  • After cleaning the place completely by using the cleaning solution and getting rid of damp smell, it’s advisable of keeping the areas of your home, smell free. You should know of keeping it stay that way. It’s advisable of repeating the cleaning process thoroughly again and again for making sure that no mildew accumulation will further attract towards your home.
  • You can easily achieve a good health over your cleaned area by offering good quantity if ventilation. It will assure you by getting stress free for returning of mildew again towards your home. Fresh air is a big enemy of accumulated or on growing mold and mildew. And it’s advisable of opening the windows and doors, whenever the weather allows to.
  • Image of Dehumidifier
    Dehumidifier image

    Heard about dehumidifier? Keeping and allowing a working humidifier constantly in the areas affected from damp smell is an excellent and efficient way for keeping the damp smell away from your home. It helps in removing the moisture that causes the growth of mold and mildew in the air. It offers elimination towards the spores present in the air of your home. Having the dehumidifier running in the extreme weather of dampen climate, helps in keeping the accumulation of mildew away.

  • Similarly, ionizer is another tool that helps in keeping the growth of mold and mildew away. It works in taking away the damp ions from the atmosphere and keeps it smelling live and fresh. Make the use of lemon in the form of natural air freshener. Boil up remaining lemon peels in a pan and add water to it.
  • Once you can smell the lemon breeze, lift the lemon pan and set t down the areas of your home affected from damp smell. It’s advisable of placing the pans to suitable places. On a fan and don’t open the door. Fan helps in migrating the air from a place to another. And if you’ll open the windows and doors, it will take away the lemon fragrance out of the home. Even, using a commercial room freshener might work wellfor the home owners.
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