Tips on Fixing a Leaky Shower Head

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2017)
Leaky shower head
Image of Leaky shower head

Have you observed your shower head dripping and leaking water? Well, is guess it’s a crucial moment that needed to be rectified as fast as possible. A poorly maintained shower might turn up to be a problem when it starts soaking through the adjacent walls and leaking too! Even the bathroom walls can become saturated and the plaster can start bubbling due to the water leakage. It simply will result in peeling off the paint applied on the walls.

A leaky shower head is not only annoying but it results in wasting lots and lots of water. Are your okay with dripping or leaky shower head in your bathroom? Well, it simply will turn up to rise your energy consumption bills as it will consume more and more amount of water. IF you’re thinking that it is just dripping, it might not consume or waste more of water, let me tell you folks, you’re wrong. You might not know, but it can simply raise the quantity of water wastage.

Before you head ahead for calling the professional, it’s advisable of checking it out once on your ways. Fixing a leaky shower head is not at all a hard task, you need proper tools, replacing materials and the dedication of completing the work. Let me inform you, a leaky shower head might cost you more on your water bills. But, there’s nothing to worry about as you don’t need to spend any additional money on hiring a professional plumber, you can simply carry the process on your own. Here is the list of certain tips for fixing a leaky shower head on your own. Follow these tips for enjoying a damage free shower head in your bathroom.

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Leaky shower head fixing tips:

  • First thing home owners should do is to inspect the shower head completely. Find the source of leakage. Inspect the pipes, the shower head and the handle. If you find a handle that does not turn off completely and stays on 24/7, might be the source of leaky shower head in your bathroom.
  • Start the inspection by turning off the shower handle completely. Wait for a while for observing any dripping of water. If you don’t find any water dripping, it simply means that the problem is somewhere else. And if you observe the water dripping from the shower head, it simply means the damaging source if the shower handle.
  • Turn off the water valves that are installed in the basement or in the bathroom itself. Still, if you’re unable to locate the water valves, you can still go ahead by simply turning off the main water supply of your home. This water supply valve is mostly located on the exterior sides of the home. Don’t forget to keep the shower head on because it will help you in knowing where the water leak is exactly.
  • This handle should be removed as it might be the leaking source. This handle has the core function; it works for tuning the shower head on and off. Start the process by prying off the cap of the handle by using a pocket knife. It simply works in exposing off the internal attached screw. Use a screwdriver for unscrewing the internal screw of the handle.
  • If to find difficulty in unscrewing it, use a hair dryer for lifting the screw out of its place. If hair dryer is not working, you can simply use a handle puller for pulling the screw of its surface. The handle puller is easily available from any home improvement store or a hardware store.
  • Leaky shower Cartridge
    Replacing a shower Cartridge

    Now it’s the time for removing the cartridge installed in the shower handle. The cartridge is basically a large ring that is installed adjacent to the bathroom walls. After you remove the shower handle, you would be able to notice it. Make the use of a cartridge puller for pulling off the cartridge from its place. It is easily available from any hardware of a home improvement store.

  • Even, it’s advisable of replacing the older cartridge with the new one. It’s easily available. Screw up the new cartridge on the same place where the old one was. But don’t forget to keep the handle in turn off position because if the handle is in on position, it might turn on the shower immediately as you install the cartridge.
  • If you observe no more leaky shower head, it simply means that the problem is solved, but if you still observe the shower head leaking, you need to find another alternative of rescue. You might need to fix the shower faucet installed in your bathroom. Start by turning off the main water valves in your home.
  • As stated the water valves might be installed in the bathroom or in the basement. Follow the similar steps as stated above. But in this case, you might need to remove the faucet rather than the cartridge. Make the use of pliers or wrench for taking it off from the surface. Wait a second, and allow any remaining water you observe unless and until the faucet is dry and clean.
  • Bunch of Rubber gaskets
    Number of Rubber gaskets

    Are you able to see any rubber gasket? You need to remove it off. It is simply located in the faucet. You can easily purchase new gasket from hardware or a home improvement store. But, make sure the size and the quality of the rubber gasket is similar and gets perfectly fit in your faucet. For better pick up, you can take the old one and match up with the new one for avoiding any mistake.

  • After replacing it, carefully re-attach the shower faucet on its place again. Again make the use of a plier or wrench for keeping it back to its original location. After keeping and placing everything back to its place, you job is to inspect and verify that no water leak is still prevailing. If you still observe a leaky shower head, you might need to call for a professional help.
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