Tips on Cleaning Tough Stains from Bathtub

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Gilr cleaning a Bathtub
Bathtub cleaned by a woman

How you clean you bathtub depends upon what materials are used in making it. There are certain key points to be considered. There are different types of bathtubs with different materials. Only mounting and selecting bathtub is not important but cleaning and maintaining it is way more important. Take proper steps and use accurate methods for cleaning tough stains from bathtub. The stated information will help you in determining which type of bathtub you have and how to get rid of tough stains from bathtub.

Household cleaners for cleaning tough stains from bathtub:

Cleaning solution and that too homemade, is certainly what every home owners are in need of. Here are certain cleaning solutions suitable for cleaning the tough and stubborn stains from your bathtub.


If you observe any yellow stain on your sink of bathtub, it can be easily removed off by using salt as the cleaning agent. Prepare the solution by mixing up turpentine and salt together in equal parts. It’s advisable if using rubber gloves while applying it for cleaning the stains from bathtub. Rub on the discoloration on your bathtub and rinse it thoroughly. It’s advisable to ventilate your bathroom while using this process.

Baking soda:

Bottle of Baking soda with a spoon
Baking soda used for cleaning bathtub

Get rid of stains from your bathtub and sink by making the use of baking soda. Baking soda is among the best materials that help in cleaning stubborn stains. Prepare the solution by mixing two to three parts of baking soda with a part of hydrogen peroxide. It’s advisable of keeping the paste rest for an hour. Before rinsing it thoroughly from the surface, scrub and rub the affected area. It helps in providing better cleaning proceeds and results. Even, the paste of baking soda offers sweeter drains when you’re washing it off from your bathtub.

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White vinegar:

Whether it’s a white vinegar or just plain vinegar, it’s really effective for the home owners. This cleaning ingredient helps in getting rid of the stubborn stains from the bathtub. Put the shine back of your bathtub by giving your bathtub a full fledge scrubbing and rubbing process by using white vinegar. But don’t forget to clean it by using cold and clean water. And for removing hard and stubborn stains from your bathtub, pour the mixture of white vinegar. Take three parts of white vinegar and keep it under hot running tap water. Fill up your bathtub with the solution and allow it to rest for four to five hours. When the water is drained out, you can easily scrub the areas affected by stubborn stains. After scrubbing it, use clean water for cleaning your bathtub and let it dry for enjoying the best results.


Planning or wishing for quick bathtub cleaning before you’re guests arrive? For home owners stuck in such a situation, shampoo is a great choice for getting rid of stains from your bathtub. Shampoo is considered to the handiest item for cleaning the stubborn stains. It does a great job on soap scum because it helps in rising clean. It is also used for buffing the shine into your bathtub as well as your faucets installed in your bathroom.

Methods of cleaning the stubborn stains from bathtub:

Start the process of cleaning the accumulated stains from the bathtub by deciding the type of your bathtub. Identify which type of bathtub is installed in your bathroom. It might turn critical because some cleaning solution would not be suitable or even might increase the damaging effects or even it might increase the staining effects to some of the bathtubs.

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Basically there are three types of materials used in the formation of bathtubs like acrylic, porcelain, and enamel. Porcelain is among the most durable materials whine it comes for bathroom sinks and tubs. And acrylic is closely similar to that of plastic. And if you’ve installed acrylic bathtub, it’s advisable of staying away from abrasives.

Porcelain bathtub cleaning tips:

Image of Porcelain bathtub
Porcelain bathtub

For cleaning or getting rid of the stains from bathtub made up of porcelain, start the process by using abrasive powder. Pour some of the powder on the stains and add up with a little amount of water on it. Now, make the use of scoring pad that is easily available. It’s the green scrubbing side of the dish washing sponge that would work the best for this situation. Scrub and rub gently around the area where you’ve applied the powder.

And for tougher stains that re not removed even after applying the abrasive powder, make the use of pumice stone. This is only recommended for the stains which are tougher and doesn’t remove easily from your bathtubs. But make sure that your bathtub is made up of porcelain. And for enamel and acrylic bathtub, it’s not recommended of using it because it might cause damaging effects and the surface can even get scratched up forever.

Acrylic bathtub cleaning tips:

There are different ways for cleaning the stains from bathtub made up from acrylic material. First is to start from cleaning your bathtub regularly. Acrylic bathtubs require much more attention as compared to other bathtubs. It requires frequent washing. For the home owners, cleaning it once in a week is best suitable. You can clean it by using plain dish washing detergent and adding Luke warm water to it. Well, I suggest you’ll need more quantity of hot water for cleaning the stains off your bathtub.

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Even, you can make the use of vinegar for hard water buildup you observe on your bathtub. Take a spray bottle and mix both the vinegar and water. Spay it on the areas affected through stains. Let it rest for one to one an half hour. Scrub up the area affected through stains and rinse it thoroughly before it gets even worst. It’s advisable of using only soft brush or sponge while performing this step. If soft sponge is not used, it might result in scratching up the surface of your bathtub. The key of maintaining and cleaning the bathtubs thoroughly is by selecting right type of cleaning product, which is suitable to your bathtub installed in your bathroom.


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