Tips Of Restoring Your Old House

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Old house restoration tips
Old house restoration ways

Restoring old house helps you in increasing the value of the house and makes your old house look visually appealing. After a period of time, every house needs to be restored. Here are some of the old house restoration tips that will help you in restoring your old house.


  • Know how your house needs maintenance and follow its maintenance cycle. Most of the buildings are such which requires tuckpointing maintenance every 50 to 60 years.
  • You should replace your mortar once in a while and while replacing make sure to match your mortar. New mortar should be similar to the old ones in case of consistency, elevation and color. If you are using too much of the Portland cement in the mix then it creates hard mortar. These hard mortars can damage your old buildings.
  • Avoid using sealers as sealers can trap the moisture and compounding problems can happen during freeze cycles.
  • Damaged masonry units can either be replaced whole or through Dutchmen of the same kind of material.

Wood working

  • Make use of heartwood as heartwood is such a kind which is most disease- resistant. While coming to sapwood, it is such a kind which should be avoided for use.
  • If you want to go for the best, then rift or quarter grain cuts are considered best as these are most stable kind of thing. Flat grain generally contracts and expands according to the season.
  • Try to use hand tools. In most of the previous time, all of the historic work of woods was done by hand tools only and most of the millwork which was machine made was installed with them only. The finish which historic wood work gives cannot be compared with the finish of modern machines like sanders. It’s not easy to reproduce historic woodwork done with hand planes by modern machines.
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Slate roofing

  • Recognize the type of your slate. If you want to perfectly care for your roof, then first of all find out which type of slate it is. The repairs and restoring work would be according to the type of slate.
  • Know the life span of your roof. If your roof’s life span 100 years and it is already 95 years old and then you are starting up with its restoring work then it is not the right thing to do. In this case it does not need restoring instead it needs replacement. But if your roof’s life of 200 years and it is 80 years old and then your starting up with restoring work then it’s a good idea to invest in restoring of your roof as it is young and if maintained can last long.
  • Have your roof’s inspection on a regular base. At least once in a year. Take a walk around your house and observe your roof carefully. Check out if there is any missing shingles, broken tiles, sliding slates or damaged flashing. If you find any of the above things call your restoring expert and make it repaired.


  • Take care of your wood windows. Most of the windows which needs to be replaced during restoring work is less than 10 years old. The plastic part of the window generally fails and it is such which cannot be repaired, so compulsorily you have to replace your window during restoring work. If taken proper care your wood windows can last for century or more.
  • Each window is different so while restoring take care about their individual demand. Front windows must have air panels and need to be changed seasonally while the side windows must be storm and high winds repellant. There are also certain windows which need nothing at all.
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