Tips for Making your Bedroom Feel Bigger

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Small bedroom model

Having a small bedroom can make you feel like you are sleeping in a closet and trust me that’s definitely no fun. A bedroom of any size should be a place you can easily go finding refuge after a long and stressful day, but it can be true even in a smallest bedroom by applying and using few tricks. Trust me, there are lot more things you can do, if you are ready to bring out your creativity and fun side of transforming your small bedroom, check out this awesome tips to make your bedroom feel bigger.


Making your bedroom feel bigger tips and tricks:


Paint is among the easiest way of making your bedroom feel bigger in size. It’s not just about the walls through, there’s a lot more ideas and tips to make your bedroom feel roomier and brighter with paint. To start with making your bedroom looks bigger, keep your walls light. The lighter colors will reflect light making it look bigger, whereas darker shades absorbs the light that makes you feel more closed in it.

If you are planning of more colors in your bedroom, paint with different colors on either of the walls. Paint an opposite wall with a different color, but it is advisable of staying monochromatic and within the shade of paint you applied.  Planning of adding height with paint? Try something different by painting the ceiling with darker colors. Want the walls to seem further away, making it feel even bigger? Paint the trim of the walls with light shade then the walls.

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Mirror in the bedroom
Mirror added for making the bedroom look bigger

Adding mirrors to your small bedroom for making it look bigger is a popular tip nearly all of us have the knowledge of. But when it comes for adding mirrors to a bedroom everywhere can be a bit hard thing to crack. Since the walls spaces might be limited, try mirrored closet doors. Want another mirror tip? Add a large mirror across from the mirrored doors will offer a great depth in your small bedroom.

If you cannot get mirrored doors into the room, it is advisable of finding a floor length mirror and hang it on any open wall space or any door. One of the best spot of placing the mirrors is near a window because it helps in offering better sunlight into the room and creates a wider feeling space.

Be transparent:

Using and mounting anything that see-through makes the space look even larger than they are. If it’s possible for the home owners, incorporate shelves and desks made up of glass instead of hard colored plastic or wood. Make the use of Lucite and acrylic chairs that are transparent. These will also impact the way of seeing the space, leaving a nice open feeling in your bedroom.

Furniture and other stuffs:

A bedroom with less Furniture
Furniture eliminated from bedroom

What to do with the furniture in your bedroom? In a small bedroom there’s often not a lot more ways that for placing your furniture. But one thing that can help you is to keep a control on how much furniture you want to put in. The more furniture and stuffs you put in the bedroom, the smaller out will look. But how to manage the situation if you’re already out of space?

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One of the best ways to eliminate the furniture and yet still get the storage is to put risers beneath your bed. This helps in offering storage space for all the clutter that might make your bedroom look smaller. It also includes the furniture that can be easily stored away like folding tables and chairs.

Home owners should not forget that you also want to get the most use out of everything installed in your small bedroom. So it is advisable of using furniture that has a dual effects of functioning is a great way to make your room look larger in size. Make the use of futon instead of a full bed is among the great tip to double upon the space. Repurpose a bunk bed by putting your bed below and shelving the storage on the top surface.

Window dressing:

It is advisable of keeping the windows of your bedroom undressed, but usually it is not possible. If you are in need of drapes, buy them in light colors and make sure of not going to the floor with them. Tie them back to help with an opening feeling. If planning of darker shade of drapes for keeping the light out, go for darker blinds or drapes that you can easily raise up under a valance when you’re ready for the sun to come back in.

The simpler the best:

It is recommended of staying away from the busy patterns when having a small bedroom. The simpler will be the design, the more bedroom you will feel like you have. Don’t over clutter with decorations, art works and furniture. Even with the drapes and bedding, stay with color coordinated designs that can easily match up with your paint. It is advisable of saying no to the loud colors.

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Sometimes all you need is some few optical tips to make your small bedroom look bigger, but o the same time you also need to be creative by finding just the right way of presenting your furniture, bedding and art for pushing the illusionary effects further. Get creative with whatever you already have with you. You can also experiment by changing different placements of the furniture in your bedroom. However, no matter what you do with your design, the most important thing you can offer is to keep the space perfectly cleaned and well-organized. This will offer the situation of less stress and is always a good thing for the home owners.

Say goodbye to clutter and welcome to the space:

Clutter is one of the biggest reasons to the perception of a bedroom looking smaller, whether it is or not. So it is advisable of staying away from clutter. Keep the floors cleaned, beds made, the clothes tucked away and any loose junk to put away in the storage container.

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