Tips For Kitchen Sink Repair

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2017)
Kitchen sink repair by homeowner
Homeowner doing kitchen sink repair

When it comes to kitchen sink repair, you don’t need to be an expert plumber with expertise and experience. This is not to snatch away the business of plumbers from them but however it would be waste of your bucks if you are hiring any professional for kitchen sink repair. In several cases, there is just a simple need of tightening of the pipe or just a minor replacement. In several cases there are such circumstances when plumbers don’t come in the extreme weather conditions, such easy kitchen sink repair tips will help you in such circumstances when you are stuck up. If you are not much aware as to what steps to take for kitchen sink repair then here are some of the easy and effective kitchen sink repair tips.

  • Get to know your kitchen sink parts

You will need to become comfortable and knowledgeable about all the components of your kitchen sink which drain water and clog up your sink before you initiate the work of repairing it. Knowing about the plumbing of your kitchen will avail you with the ease for troubleshooting your kitchen issues. Your kitchen sink will start up by the strainer which is installed into a strainers body which is sealed into the sink hole by using putty. Below the strainer, there will be a metal washer and a rubber gasket which will be helping you in sealing the connection. This will also help in locking out and also tightening a large retainer. There would be a threaded coupling which would be mounting a tailpiece with the strainer. There will be a tee into the drainpipe and also a threaded nipple and all the main parts are connected by the slip joint couplings of the trap. The trap is actually a curvature into the main piping and it has the purpose stopping the sewer gas from letting the pipe come into home and also keeping it filled with water. The water which is flowing along with the curvature will be working as a water seal. The waste water will be flowing to the main through the trap. If there is any garbage disposal then it will get connected above your trap and will get mounted to the special trainer of its own. There are various disposal types and set ups. If you want to become more familiar with that of the set then you should refer owner’s manual of garbage disposal to get to know the possible problems. The issue will be always below the sink. Make sure you are not mixing up the kitchen sink repair with that of the gas supply pipes.

  • Check the leak


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Different types of repairs will need for different types of leaks. Kitchen sink repair will be different when the leak is around the base of spout instead of the repair which is needed in case of the spout which drips. The reason of the leakage of spout is the O ring which gets worn out. These can be removed very easily by pulling the spout up and then allowing it to wiggle free. You might also need to remove the other part like handle. The O ring can be easily put into its original place but it might need some pressure for removing it.

  • Turn the water supply off
Shut the valves for stopping water supply
Shut the valves of kitchen sink

There are basically two valves under your kitchen sink. Both these valves should be turned off for stopping the water supply. One valve would be of cold water and the other one would be of hot water. If there is no valve under the kitchen sink then you will have to shut off your main line for turning off the water supply. These will help your kitchen from turning into a big mess and also the need for cleaning this big mess.

  • Repair the leaks


These will be made most probably out of wood. If the wood is exposed to water then it can get damaged and warped. Damage can be severe if it is in constant touch of water and for a longer period of time. Along with the issue of warping, another issue prevailing will also be of buildup of waste water and also of the mold. This will make your kitchen to smell foul which is really irritating and you need to repair it as soon as possible.

  • Get help if needed


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Majority of the kitchen sink repairs can be done by you and the only cost is the cost of replacement part and little bit of skills needed to tighten the bolt. Well there is some other repair which needs professional to get the thing fixed. If the same issue is happening time and again then it is an indication that you might need a profession al repair now. Damage that you have caused while trying to fix it over and over again would be more than the professional coming and fixing the issue at the initial stage only.

Must have plumbing tools

When you are on a DIY job or repairing your kitchen sin, you will need some of the basic tools for getting the job done. There is also a toolbox which carries all the tools and equipment’s need for fixing any repair. Here are some of them.

  • Plumbers tape


Plumbers tape for kitchen sink repair
Plumbers tape for plumbing work

Plumbers tape is must when you are involved in the work of joining pipes. This tape is also known as PTFE tape of Teflon tape.  This will help to tighten the seal and making it strong.

  • Torch


If you have any work with copper pipe, you will need to do sweat fitting. You will also need to heat the pipe and work for fitting. For accomplishing this, you will definitely need a torch.

  • Wrenches


When you are working with the plumbing work, you will be in need of wrenches over and over again. Take a set of adjustable wrench because there will be times when you will be in need of more than one at a single time.

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