Tips For Designing Your Home Office

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Tips of designing your home office
Ways of designing your home office

Despite of the fact whether you are using your home office for occasional telecommute or just for organizing your schedule or paying bills or for running your business, you should have much more than just a metal desk and some useless chairs placed in a spare corner. Why to make your space dull and boring when you have the opportunity of designing your home office in a beautiful manner and making the most out of it. Designing your own home office is something which reflects the interest and comfort of rest of the parts of your home. If you have the same disinteresting and unattractive home office then you should go for designing your home office and make it a lot better. Here are some of the tips for designing your home office which will help you to make your home office as well as your work more interesting.

  • Location

One of the most essential things in designing your home office is location. You will be probably spending lots and lots of hours in your home office and hence it’s very much important that you don’t block up yourself in s small and tiny space. While designing your home office, make sure you are not locking up yourself with a tiny desk in a room which is like closet without any window to save up your guest room which you never use. While designing your home office make sure that traffic flow is less in that area and you have better ability to combat with the distraction of your home. Are you able to work in the area with lots of activities or you needed to be dumped in a silent place? Keep all this factors in mind while designing your home office. If your work involves clients whom would stop by then you need to design your home office in a bit private part with adequate amount of seating arrangement there in.

  • Keep functional point of view in mind

You should design your home office in a way that the storage space, shelves and desk should serve you well and it should not be other way round. Take into consideration the workflow and also the things you need should be nearby only. While deigning your home office, make some planning before you shop the furniture. Choose the furniture which fulfills two needs functional need and appearance need. While shopping for home office furniture, make sure it should complement with the other rooms décor and furniture. If your home is having warm wood and soft décor pieces then while designing your home office, you can probably go for loveseat or comfy chairs as it will be perfect match you can have. A contemporary home office can have décor items or even modern metal furniture.

  • Consider having good chairs

Investing in office chair
Comfortable office chair

You spend 70 to 80 % of your day sitting in your office chair. Hence office chair is one f the most essential element while designing your home office. Go for an ergonomically perfect, comfortable and beautiful seat as it is worth having in your home office.

  • Paint your walls

Paint is something which brings life to the space and while designing your home office, pay major focus on the paint color. Forget about the office code, instead choose a color which makes your mood and charge up the speed of your work. There is no fix rule as to choice of colors. You can go for any color you like while designing your home office. For some people charging colors can be bright colors like lime green or orange while for other people it is calm colors like sea foam blue or botanical green. Choose the color that works for you very well and can affect your mood and working ability in a positive manner.

  • Get a proper view

While designing your home office, make sure you position yourself at a nice place. Make sure to place yourself at a spot where you can see something else except a plane boring wall when you look up from your computer, even if the color you choose of the wall is your favorite. Getting natural light out of the window is better option. However if you are working in a home office which is not having any window then try to hang some beautiful photograph over your desk or keep your chair facing the door.

  • Place cute accessories

Mug for office decor
Placing cute accessories in office

If you are not going for a contemporary look then you can some cute things which can enhance the look of your home office and give more comfortable feel to it. While designing your home office, you can place a pretty mug for holding pens and pencils, cute waste basket, sticky notes and trendy notepads. Cover up your bulletin board with attractive fabric and also cover up your bookshelves with curtain made up from the similar material. You can also opt for hanging up some of the inspirational prints on the wall. It can be anything like artwork framed by your kid or any classic painting.

  • Allow the light to peep in

Design your home office in such a way that it has lots of lights. This will help you to cut down on head ache and eye strain. Place the monitor of your computer in such a way that there is glare from overhead light or a window. Put a small table lamp on your desk for more comfort.

  • Organize your technology

There is nothing you can do to make your computer, phone or printer beautiful but what you can do to make your home office look beautiful is hiding the ugly cords. Try to keep your equipment’s near to the outlets and easy access if you want to unplug them at any time. Keep a metal or plastic cap which will enable to pass all the cords from a hole in the desk and hide them under it and make your home office look more elegant and organized.

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