Things To Do If You Don’t Have Vent Or Range Hood

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Kitchen having vent
Kitchen with vent

If you don’t have vent or range hood in the kitchen then it is a sign that your home is rented. Home owners will generally not live in a home where they don’t have vent or range hood in their kitchen. In the absence of vent or range hood, vent smoke, grease splatters, cooking smell and steam will not go out of your kitchen and end up having a sticky and filmy cabinet and a home which will smell like fish for two days after you have cooked. If you are tired of these issues, in the absence of vent or range hood. There are several kitchen where there is this non-venting fans installed under the kitchen cabinets which will collect all the grease and help you out with the cooking smell. How many of you find this fan useless and not helping a bit? Just like there would be many. Hence here are some of the solutions for this problem if you are not having vent or range hood in your kitchen and having this fan which never works.

  • Install a window fan

If you are fortunate enough to have a window in your kitchen, then you must go for installing a small window fan in your home. Every single time you cook, run this fan on the exhaust mode. This will pull out all the air, however this is not much effective on grease but it will definitely help you to get rid of the cooking odors. In many of the homes, microwave is placed in under cabinet place and the stove is mounted over it. It generally has a surface light and also a fan which is pretty much useless as it does not vent outside. However in the absence of vent or range hood, if you think this type of fan would work then you are wrong. You will have to install a window fan. Whenever you cook something which has a smell which can linger around in your entire home, without fail you have to open up the window and switch the exhaust fan and all the odors will be kicked out.

  • Use an air filter

Window fan installation
Installing window fan

If you are not having vent and range hood and in case you don’t even have window in your kitchen then another alternative which you have got to keep your kitchen properly ventilated is installing an air filter. This air filter works great as it sucks up the smell specifically those of cooking fish and meat. However it does not work as efficiently as that of vent or range hood but it’s better to have something instead of having nothing. The only thing which air filter doesn’t cope with is cooking meat. Even with the air filter on, meat will smell extreme and make staying in the home difficult.

  • Install fan in another room

If you don’t have vent or range hood and you don’t even want air filter as there are some drawbacks in using it, then you can consider installing fan in some other room. The room which is closer to the kitchen should be chosen for installing fan. You can consider bathroom for installing fan in absence if vent or range hood, if it is closer to the kitchen. Bathroom is such a place which accumulates moisture and hence it also needs fan for keeping the place. Hence turning this fan on in the bathroom can work two ways round. There are many experiences of people where they are benefitted a lot by installing fan in bathroom in absence of vent or range hood.

  • Go for grease splatter guard

A splatter screen or a splatter guard is that device which fits above a frying pan for collecting grease splatters. This appliance is really very cheap, it is available at just 10$. Such a low price makes this appliance must have one that too in the absence of vent of range hood. You can reduce the amount of the gunk which can end up on cabinets by not letting it get dirty in the first place only.

  • Wipe the cabinets on frequent basis

Wipe your kitchen cabinets
Wiping your kitchen cabinets

This is one of those parts which cannot be ignored or taken for granted. This is compulsory if you don’t have vent or range hood. You have to keep on cleaning your kitchen cabinets on frequent basis as the smoke and other things will stick on the cabinets and make it dirty a lot. If you don’t want that dirty to stay on your cabinets for long period of time, you need to keep it clean on frequent basis. Along with the cabinets also clean the area around the stove as it also gets very much. You can use grease resistant fighting dish soap or you can also use vinegar for cleaning your cabinets and stove in absence of vent or range hood. Make this activity part of daily routine. If your cabinets are white then you have to be extra careful in cleaning. When the grease and moisture gets stuck on white cabinets, it will get an shade of yellow which is not at all attractive. It can quite ruin the whole look of your kitchen.

  • Paint your kitchen with semi-gloss finish

If your kitchen is looking dull in lack of vent or range hood and you want to paint your kitchen to bring back its charm then you should go for painting it with semi-gloss finish. You can also try applying satin paint or scrabble paint. These are kind of best finish for kitchen. Such finish are much popular for easy cleaning and as in lack of vent or range hood, you would definitely in need of frequent cleaning and even regular cleaning. Semi-gloss paint will not let the scratches of cleaning spot be visible on your kitchen walls and make it look for finished and clean.

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