Things To Consider While Installing Solar Panels on Roof

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)
Home having solar panels
Solar panels in home

The innovative and new concept of solar panels is a challenge for the mainstream buyer as they are not much aware of this concept. If you are intending to buy a car then you will be available with many people who have bought a car and will tell you about the process and functioning of it. Installing solar panels on your roof have the same amount of expenditure as that of buying a new car but the people knowing about the solar panels and have experience of the process will be very few. The number of people who have solar panels on roof throughout their life is very rare and limited. This can be one of the reasons why the concept of solar panels is not much popular and not many people have opted for it. However on the other the costing of installing solar panels on roof is also very high which makes people think quite a lot before installing solar panels on roof. These are going to be installed on your roof and hence this decision is a big one. This is not one of those decisions where you can say it’s okay if there is a mistake this time, next time I will learn it. If you are considering installing solar panels on roof then you would also finding such people who have experience this thing and you can ask them about it and know about various things and ask them several questions. However if you cannot find such people, to help you out here is a detailed article on things to consider while installing solar panels on roof. Even if you find such people, it’s advisable to refer this article as it would be a great help in your decision making process.

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Things to consider while installing solar panels on roof

  • Have you tried things to improve efficiency
Professional installing solar panels
Installing solar panels in home

The first thing which you should consider is the effort to put on for improving energy efficiency. How much amount of solar energy you need to produce is based upon the quantity of your usage of electricity. Hence it is advisable to cut down on your energy usage before you go for installing solar panels on roof. You can begin this task by doing an energy audit and then find for energy upgrades before you decide to draw the footprints. This will help you a lot in deciding whether to go for installing solar panels on roof or not.

  • How to connect with grid

Another essential thing to consider while installing solar panels on roof is that how will you connect with the grid. This detail will be different from one person to another depending upon the place where you live. However the general logic is that whenever there is any connection to the utility, there are plenty of logistics to be calculated and taken into consideration. Is there any need of payment of fees? How much time will be needed for hooking up the utility? After getting connected when and how will you get the credit for the electricity that you generate? This practice is called net metering wherein there is practice for reimbursing the rooftop solar at the similar rate when they charge up users for electricity.

  • Do you have a trustworthy installer
Professionals for solar panel installation
Experts for solar panel installation

One of the most important things to consider while installing solar panel on roof is to find a reliable and trustworthy installer. This applies to anytime whenever you hire single person to enter you home and do some fitting or repair work that too related with electrical fittings. References and credential are extremely important when it comes to the installer for installing solar panels on roof. As this project is highly expensive you don’t want to risk it by giving it any unreliable hand and screwing up all your hardwood and investment. You should never opt for such installer who is not used to doing all these work. Make sure he has good amount of experience in this field and have successfully installed. Take quotes from two to three installers and make sure you are not cheated from the one you choose. The installing cost of this is quite high but it needs very less maintenance and repairs and the cost can be covered in the lifetime of solar panels. But for the safer side, it’s better to choose an installer and a company which gives warranty of longer period of time.

  • Lease or buy

Every homeowner must run his or her own cost benefit for the years to come. Buying up your own solar panels will definitely ask a huge amount whereas leasing will let you access the cheap electricity at low rate but on the other hand the benefits are also quite limited. When you are opting for lease, you will pay certain amount of money for the system you bought but it will be taken back from you when the time period gets finished. Keep in mind that the installation of solar panels on your own instead of lease will function for more years and will provide you benefits for the rest of your life along with saving a huge amount on your energy bills from the first years only after its installation on your roof.

  • Are you having a roof which can support solar panels

You have money, right installer and everything that is needed for installing solar panels on roof but it would be of no use if you are not having the roof which can support this system. Your roof will get heavy if you install solar panels on them  and hence it should be that strong to bear with such weight or else chances are there of getting your roof collapsed. You definitely don’t want your roof collapse and hence call a contractor or a roofer and let him inspect your roof and then follow his instructions whether it is safe to install solar panels on your roof or not.

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