Things needed to build a carport

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Car standing in constructed carport
Carport constructed of wooden materials

A carport can be a very useful thing. Not only will you be able to provide your car with protection against rain and other severe conditions of weather, you will also be able to store all the things that are associated to your car in the carport. Building a carport is not a very difficult thing.

The first thing that has to be considered is the material that you would use. There are several materials that are sued for building carports and two of the most popular materials that are used for the job are wood and metal. Metal is the best option for building a carport as it is resistant to a lot of climatic conditions and it is a better option than woods. If you buy a metal carport kit, you will not have to get anything extra as all the tools and materials that are required for building the carport will be available in the kit.

Process of building a carport:

Access over the building permits:

Prepare the ground surface where you want your carport to be installed. Check with your local authority for your project; make sure it’s up to date to the code needed for building a carport. Construction or addition on the property can lead to increase or decrease the value of your home.  Make it clear to the local authority regarding the addition or subtraction you’re making in your home. For obtaining necessary permission of building the carport, you’ll need:

  • Permit application sheet provided by the local authority of the city
  • Proof of property ownership of the home owner
  • Drawing of the construction

Buy the building materials for building the carport:

Constructed carport
Carport construction

There are different types of carport available. Say for wood, metal and aluminum. You can build any of them depending upon the type and style of precipitation from which you want to protect your car. Also some factors like weather of the place you’re living, different patterns, design and materials might be less or more appropriate.

It’s advisable of accepting your free style to customize the carport in your way. Customize the basic pattern and design of the carport and you can also make the use of materials which are cheap, and affordable. Well, it’s among the good ways of experimenting your wishes in the form of building the carport.

According to different climates, there are techniques that can be tried by the home owners. Pressure treated lumber is among the different techniques that can be used. It is appropriate for the climates which are dry. It also helps in proving more useful and durable in long run regardless the climate of your city.

A wooden design of carport build will be sturdier as compared to other patterns and designs. If you’re planning for a long term status of parking your car, lumber is best suitable for your home. Even using galvanized metal is also advisable. This type of material is cheap and easily affordable by the home owners. But they are less sturdy as compared to the lumber for long run. If you’re in need of cheap and quick way of installing a carport, this option sounds perfect for the home owners.

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Even prefab carports are available in the market. You just need to buy and here you go for setting it up at your home.

Measure the surface of the ground:

Take the measurement according to the size of averaged sized car. Measure it in a rectangular shape at least of 17 feet on the surface of the ground. It should be approximately 17 feet long and 10 feet wide in structure. Now start plotting the rectangular shape ion the surface of the ground.

Generally, a basic carport structure consists of 6 posts, one at each of the corner of the rectangular shape and two in the middle of the rectangular shape of the placing the carport.

If you’ve got a truck or a bigger car, you can work ahead by making bigger carport structure with multiple spaces for parking your vehicles. Make sure that you make necessary adjustments for making an appropriate structure of the carport at your home.

Step ahead for leveling the ground:

If you find that the surface of the ground is not well leveled and clean, go ahead and perform the task of leveling it. Remove any green grass you observe from the surface by using a shovel. Even make the use of raking over the under layers with the help of metal rake. Well, it’s not mandate to be perfect but make the use of grade for measuring that the surface of the ground has be flat as much as possible.

But, if you’re building the carport at the end of the drive way or on the concrete pad, it’s totally appropriate as the surface is flat already. Now you’ll just need to measure the surface where the carport is going to build. You can make the use of poles for building the structure of carport or even can anchor in the ground for making it sturdy.

Pour the ground cover:

If you find the need of pouring ground cover, go for it. Bare ground is pretty much okay in some cases but still it’s advisable of covering them by putting off the layer of ground gravel on the surface. It helps in tracking away the dirt visiting your home and keeps the ground clean around the carport.

Still, if you think you’re not okay by laying the ground gravel, make the use of weed matting. Weed matting helps in keeping the plants and grass from re-growing on the surface. Rather than you can pour concrete and prepare a concrete slab for your carport installation. This will offer your carport construction to be much sturdier and durability of life.

Prefab carport kit:

It’s advisable of suing prefab carport kit available. The time and materials used can make the building process of the carport a fairly intensive task. And installing prefab carport kit sounds appropriate for this type of project. In this type of carport kit, all the materials are ready, you just need to joint it and fix it on its place. And here you go with your work.

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Don’t forget to follow the instructions stated on the manual. Even it’s possible to put it up in a single day.

Start digging off the holes:

Two people constructing carport
Carport construction by two contractors

Now it’s the time to get back with the carport installation process. Start digging holes for installing and mounting the posts of the carport in the leveled ground. Make sure you’re placing it exactly ion equal distance from each other. Measure the perimeter of the carport to be installed.

Now make the sue of post hole diggers for digging up the holes. Don’t forget that the hole should be at least 2 to 3 feet deeper from the stable design of the carport you selected. And if you’re living in high wind climate area, it should be even deeper so that it doesn’t dismantle even after heavy rainfall or snow fall near your home premise.

Set up the posts of carport:

As you’re a DIY home owner, I’m sure you’re not going to install a hard section or style of carport in your home. And for the simplest type of structure of carport, you’ll need some of the tools and products to deal with. There are mainly six to seven posts that should be placed while installing carport. The heavy duty post should be at least 10 feet of high on one side and on other side the remaining three should be 13 feet high.

Make sure that you install the three higher posts on the side of the carport where it gets closed. As it will help the rain water or accumulated snow flow away from the surface and away from the home premise.

For a strong base, you need to pour concrete at least six inches deeper in the post. It will help the carport to function in a sturdy manner. Pour the concrete unless and until the holes get totally blocked and filled with it. Make the use of leveler for making further adjustment. It will help the surface to get properly leveled and stable.

Make sure that it’s perfectly vertical in shape. If not, it won’t allow the accumulated water or snow fall off easily from its surface. Let the concrete get hardened say for at least a day or two. Start nailing the beams of the carport.

Fasten the back and the front beams correctly:

For securing the walls of the carport you’re building, you’ll basically need to build a rectangular box of 15 feet long and 10 feet wide. Now install two supportive cross beams for securing the posts installed on the surface of the carport.

Both the shorter corner posts and the longer corner post should consist of supportive cross. Next is to nail them on its place. Make sure they’re study on its place. It should not move because it does, it might increase the change of loosening the sturdiness of your carport.

Purchase some T-shape hangers that are easily available. You can purchase from any hardware store. Now nail them on the hangers purchase. But before heading further make sure that the beams are properly leveled.

Side beams fastening step:

The side beams should be properly nailed on its place. Nail it accurately for securing the cross beams according to the code specifications. The beams on the lower side should be nailed on beams on the higher side. Don’t forget to nail them on the front and the back sides of the beam. It will help in offering a sturdy and durable fixture. Make sure the beams are properly nailed, because it’s very important that the beams are accurately leveled for maintaining the structure.

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It’s very important fort making the structure and the design of carport strong and sturdy. Especially, for the areas where you find more heavy rainfall, snow and wind.

Now it’s the time of making the roof of your carport:

Home owner building roof for carport
Carport roof construction by home owner

Make the use of rafters that are available. The rafters are used for supporting the roof’s core corners. The back and the front rather should be attached and nailed properly with the front and back beams of the carport. And the remaining rafters in the middle should be arranged in equal distance from each other.

Nail the rafters properly into the beams. It will help in offering a study look and helps in increasing the durability of the carport. Now add plywood on the surface of the rafters. Arrange the plywood sheet in such a way that it can cover the surface of the carport.

It’s advisable of buying the carport sheets as large as possible. This will offer the entire covering of the carport in the form of roof. If the plywood is huge in size, cut off the edges in an appropriate manner. And if you think, huge and big plywood sheets are working for you then let it be the same way.

Even, there are different sizes available in plywood. There is different thickness too. Make sure you’re selecting the plywood sheet according to the style of your carport installation at your home.

Next thing is to check the stability of the structure you installed in the carport. Now as the roof is properly placed on its place, the structure of carport should be enough strong to stand with. If you find excessive movement in the carport installed, you’ll need to add more amounts of stability and proper access over it. Support it from the outside structure of the carport because your inner side construction is being completed. You can make the use of reinforcing it. It will help you in providing a stable carport of your construction.

At the end finish the final touch up and finish. Caulk the plywood on its place by using caulk. It is used for filling the gaps found between the plywood sheets and the beams. It will help in making the plywood sheet waterproof and wont allow any seepage of water from the gaps.

It will help you in grabbing among the best carport installation process in your home. Don’t forget to pay last attention over the beams and posts of the carport. Here you’re finishing up with process of building a carport at your home.

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