Texturing the Walls with Drywall Compounds

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Using Drywall Compounds for Texturing the Walls with Paint Roller
Effects of Paint Roller for Texturing the Walls

Drywall compound, or joint compound, is a white substance which is useful in filling gaps, holes and seams in drywall. The material is white in color can be painted to suit your need. As the consistency of the pre-mixed compound is similar to peanut butter, application is relatively easy. Texturing a wall with the compound should be done when the material is still wet.


1. After scooping the pre-mixed compound onto a taping knife, spread it over the wall. The thickness of the layer should be 1/8th inch approximately.

2. After covering a 4-foot-square section with the compound, make the surface smooth with the flat edge of the taping knife.

3. After press the desired texture against the wall, pull it free. If you use natural sponge paint roller it will create a rough pattern. By pressing one point of the taping knife into the drywall compound and the flat edge angled slightly away from the wall and by dragging the knife in a half-circle, half-moon grooves similar to adobe-style construction are created.

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