Taking Care Of Your Flat Roof

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Ways of caring for your flat roof
caring for your flat roof

Taking care of your flat roof is very a very important duty of yours as a home owner.  Flat roofs give your home a very modern profile and sleek kind of look. Caring of your flat roof might not convert into a serious stuff if it is installed in a perfect manner by reputable roofing company. As Reputable roofing company thinks caring of your flat roof as their own duty and provides their service for number of years towards showing care of your flat roofs and putting a step forward in its maintenance. But being the owner, you should be the putting more efforts in caring of your flat roofs and maintaining it. It is essential to have a roof inspection over a period of time as there are chances of your flat roof getting damaged because of weather conditions like storm and heavy rain and winds. Getting your roof inspected over a period of time is first and foremost step towards caring of your flat roof. Here are some of the tips which will be helpful in taking care of your flat roof.

  • Clear out your flat roof, if it has debris, small branches, leaves and twigs on it. If there are excess debris on your flat roof then it can encourage water pooling and such water pooling lays stress on the roof and raises the leakage chances on your roof. Don’t apply extreme pressure on your flat roof while you are sweeping it as it can damage the membrane of your flat roof and leads to removing the protective coating on your flat roof.
  • Use your hand and remove the dirt, debris and other unwanted things from the cage like drain hub and its surrounding area.
  • Remove the drain hub with the help of san adjustable wrench and spray it on your flat roof by using a garden hose and high pressure attachment. By doing do the minor dirt built up on your flat roof will be removed. Spraying the drain with the hose is a helpful step towards caring of your flat roof. Clear all the drains and clogs and replace the entire hub if needed. If you have more than one drain then repeat the same process with other all drain also. It will prevent water collection on your flat roof during rain and snow during winter.
  • Have your roof inspected if there are any holes and indentation. Also check the flashing and caulking of your flat roof. It is area where roof and masonry walls meet up. Check out there are any cracks or not. Check out if there is any standing water which denotes that it is a low area and need to be forfeited.
  • Check out between the layers of roofing for any blisters or mushy pockets. If there are any they must cut and replaced with the new one. Take a look for cracked surfaces which show that there is a requirement of new roofing tar on your flat roof. If you are not comfortable with this works then call an expert roofing contractor and get the work done.
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