Sump Pump: DIY Prepare and Repair

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2017)
Animated image of Sump pump installation
Sump pump installation process

Preparing your own sump pump tank is possible but you need to be very cautious while preparing it on your own. It’s advisable of thoroughly researching it to the things, materials and tools you’ll need for the preparing sump pump tank on your own. Sump pump tank is an important piece of equipment that is mainly used by the people who do not live more closely to the sewage station.

Still, in order to ensure that you work of preparing your own sump pump tank correctly, it’s advisable of testing it outside the surface before you step it in into the sump pump pit. Well, it might turn up to be a difficult task for the home owners and it’s advisable to be attempted by only those who are actually confident to carry this task further. If you’re genuinely willing to start up with the process, you will require some of the tools and basic household materials and don’t forget the pipes too.

But, don’t you think only installation of sump pump tank is enough. If you follow up further with any damaging effects in the sump pump then? If you’ve installed water powered sump pump and facing any repairing stuffs, be patient enough for repairing the damage by yourself. There are certain things you need to keep in mind while performing the project of repairing the sump pump. No matter how much you take care of your sump pump, you might need to follow certain minor repairs for keeping your sump pump to be perfectly in a working condition.

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It’s really important to understand the way your sump pump works. So you can easily identify any defect or problem that might occur in your sump pump. If you keep the issue untreated, you might lead in replacing your sump pump entirely. In fact of repairing it, it can simply turn of the situation of replacing the whole unit with the new one.

Things you’ll need:



  • Sump pump kit
  • Pipe fittings
  • Potential tank
  • Wrench
  • Screen
  • Float
  • Pipes
  • Drill

Process of making your own sump pump tank:

Start the process by selecting a tank you want to install in your sump pump. It’s advisable of constructing a basic shell for the tank from a suitable donor. Even there are number of different sources from where you can get an access over the tank. It’s advisable of checking first that the tank is completely cleaned and dry before you start using it in your sump pump. This simply helps in avoiding the situation of corrosion. This help in getting rid of metal corrosion that might end up causing really high expenditure to you further.  You can also make the use of barrel in the form of making a sump pump tank. Make the use of saw for cutting off its lid and remove the lit for attaching it with the donor.

Sump pump tank installation
Installation Sump pump tank

Now, it’s the perfect time for attaching the plumbing in the tank you prepared. It’s important to attach the plumbing first before you add it up to the sump pump. For this you will two to three sets of pipes. First pipe is used in the form of drainage pipe for transporting the sewage water to the sump pump and the second one is the discharge pipe that works in taking the water up from the ground of the sump pump and transports it for other sewage lines in your home.

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Start the process by making a hole into the tank you took. Make sure that the hole if larger enough for fitting in the drainage pipes that are installed in the tank. Make the use of drill machine for drilling, for this you might need to draw around the tank. Insert the pipes to inner and the outer side. This will help in securing the tank with proper pipes.

It’s advisable of taking the accessories of sump pump. Things like check valve, motor and the floaters are some of the important accessories that are important for your sump pump tank. Place the accessories at the bottom of the sump pump tank. Make sure the lid of the tank is in a perfect way so that the accessories fix perfectly into the sump pump tank perfectly.

Process of repairing sump pump:

Person repair Sump pump
Sump pump repair

If you’re thinking that replacing the entire sump pump, then let me tell you, you might not need to follow this situation. You can simply turn up the repairing process for better chances of good condition of sump pump. Well, there’s nothing a rule that you might need to change or replace your sump pump at the best.

Even, there are certain places where you need to change or replace the sump pump frequently. So better take proper precaution before you start ahead.

On an average, sump pump is needed to be changed after every 10 to 15 years. Before you step ahead for replacing your sump pump, it’s advisable to have a perfect sized sump pump ready with you before your replace your older one. It’s advisable of taking some help, as you’ll need it while placing the new sump pump in your basement. As taking off the old one and arranging the new one needs proper man power for dealing with the situation.

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Make sure that you know the instructions and also follow them stated on the manufacturing unit. It will offer better clarity of installing it in your home. Regularly testing your sump pump is a good idea. This simply helps in allowing you to know the actual working condition of your sump pump installed. During any wet season make sure to examine your sump pump before you use it. This is beneficial for the home owners to identify any repair which is needed.

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