Spraying on Orange Peel Structure

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
orange peel texture on walls
Installation of Orange peel on walls of your home

Orange peel is a paint defect that can be corrected by sanding and then applying another coat.


1. The surface is to be cleaned with a dampened cloth remove dust particles and overspray.

2. Sand the surface lightly with fine sandpaper, in a straight back-and-forth motion. This helps to knock down the rough spots on the finish.

3. Wipe the surface and sand again. The surface should be well lubricated with water and you should change the paper when it begins to gum up. As the surface becomes smooth, there is less resistance and you will see the paper gliding over it.

4. Periodically, you have to lift the paper and rinse the surface, then wipe off the water and inspect the surface. When the surface is properly sanded it has a dull, flat appearance. If it is still shiny, you have to work more.

5. When you have finished, wipe the surface and let it dry. An electric buffer is used to buff the finish.

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