Some electrical safety tips to follow at home

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)
electrical safety tips
Electrical safety tips to be followed

Electricity is a very dangerous thing if you are not careful about it or if it is not handled properly. And for the records those who think that small electrical shocks should be ignored may not be lucky every day. Given below are some of the safety tips that you should follow at home so that there no accidents due to electricity:

• The basic thing that we should all remember is to switch off all the electric gadgets or items if we are leaving home. This will not only stop wastage of electricity but will also prevent the chances of any kind of damage due to overheating of the device.
• Wires and cables are something that tends to be left unnoticed but they often cause a big damage. Open ended wires should never be left in the open and especially not in front of children. In addition to that no cables or wires should be left in places where the temperature is comparatively higher. It should also not be around water. If you have to unplug any device or appliance then you should always do it from the main plug point.
• Water and electricity do not go well and that is the main reason there should not be any electrical gadgets near water. It would be really wise if you do not take any gadgets in the bathroom until and unless they are specially designed for it. Take for example toothbrush or razors. You should also keep drinks away from plug points and should not touch any open ends of wires or plugs with wet hands.
• Lastly you should never try to fix any electrical damage on your own. When there are electricians for this work then why should you take the trouble and be the one at risk.

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