Softwood and hardwood flooring- which is better

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Comparison of softwood and hardwood flooring
Difference between softwood and hardwood flooring

Wooden flooring looks very elegant and brings a classy feel to your room. The two most common, types of flooring are the hardwood and softwood flooring. Hardwood flooring comes from mahogany cherry, walnut, ash maple or oak. The softwood one comes from birch, fir, beech, pine etc. In case you are confused to choose from the two, take a glance at the article below.

In first up, softwood flooring is highly preferred because these are light weight than the hardwood counterparts and thus less expensive. Besides, they are durable and the softwood trees have a faster growth rate leading to easy availability of the material in the market.

But still it’s better to opt for the hardwood option. The hardwood flooring has a greater density which makes them sturdier and heavier and they are more resistant to tears and wears much effectively than the softwood ones. Thus, they are especially useful for greater traffic regions like corridors, drawing or living rooms.

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