Smart Light Fixtures for your Home

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Smart light operated by an application
An application used for operating a smart light

Thinking of installing home lighting fixtures consist the features of automation? Well, home lighting automation fixtures has come a long way ahead in the recent years. We all know that smart mechanics helps in easing our life and allows ample amount of entertainment too, but we cannot deny that fact that they were once difficult to install and expensive too. But, fortunately, there are many DIY hacks of smart light fixtures that are not only easy in installation but are cheap too for the home owners. Here is the list of smart light fixtures that allows a pleasant atmosphere in your home without increasing the expenditure ratio over your pockets.


Smart light fixtures:

Smart bulbs:

Colorful Smart bulbs
Different options of Smart bulbs

Smart light bulb is among the invention that can be tailored for meeting about the needs of the home owners. If planning of colored lights for your room? Many brands have features full spectrum bulbs that are easily controlled through a hub of electric device.

These are generally the colorful bulbs that can be easily installed and screwed into the existing light fixtures. Even for the home owners white smart light fixtures are less expensive as compared to the colorful ones. It can be purchased for the similar price as you’re purchasing the regular LED lights. You can easily control these smart light bulbs by a connection of WiFi or a hub.

Smart fixtures and bulbs:

Smart fixtures and bulbs come in varied options and choices included dimmable lights, smart bulbs with featured speakers and colorful bulbs. Even some smart light fixtures can be installed and controlled via using just a single application that can be easily operated by WiFi. Whereas, some of the smart light fixtures can be operated via central communication hub.

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Even there are many different hubs that come with starter set of different smart bulbs, that can be easily connected with wireless connection to your hem router.

Smart light fixture:

There are some types of lighting surrounding that makes it difficult in getting smarter. Most of the smart light fixtures only fit into the standard fixtures and are not suitable with the recessed lighting fixtures available.

But, but! There are many smart options such as Feit Electric Retrofirt kit that offers better replacing fixtures than the recessed light fixtures with the smarter ones that can be controlled and operated via using Bluetooth. Even, home owners can find many different options for smart flood lights that are simply both can work with the existing hub of connection and offers with affordable price of installing in your home.

Connection hubs:

When you’re asking about hub, basically, connection hub means a central part of lighting automation installed in your home. While, there are some types of bulb that can be easily controlled over the existing Wi-Fi connection available at your home. But, there are several devices that requires a communication hub like Wink or Samsung’s smart devices.

But, there’s nothing to worry about because hubs are easily available with an affordable price that also have applications that can be easily operated by any of the smart phones or tablets. There is different technology supported by connection hubs. So, it’s advisable of making yourself sure about the connection hub you’re purchasing is compatible with the smart lighting fixture technology in your home.

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Smart dimmers, switches and smart outlets:

Two Smart dimmers
Options of Smart dimmers

If you’re thinking that replacing all the bulbs installed in your home is not a good idea, step ahead by considering the switches and the dimmers as your option for change. Install multiple controlling device or smarter outlets for better ambience. This type of smart outlets work and are controlled with applications that can easily turn the bulb off and on with just a simple push of button.

Another good feature that might increase your interest in installing them is, you’ve no more to worry about the multiple bulbs in a single environment because each and every thing is easily controlled by s single smarter outlet installed in our home.

Smarter outlets for your home:

Smarter outlet is one of the great options for operating if you’re planning of automating one or more than two lamps in your home with single unit for controlling it. The smarter outlet is plugged into the existing wall units and can easily be controlled over the use of Wi-Fi. Not only, smarter outlets are easy in installation and setting up but it also helps in enabling you in controlling an assortment of different devices including the smart lighting fixtures in your home.

In fact you can easily use any type of bulb with these types of smarter outlets and you need not have to worry about finding up any right type of plug and size for your smart bulb to fit in the lamp. Even, the process of replacing the outlet is easy and simple. But, don’t forget to turn off the main power supply while performing this work. And make sure you’re following the instructions stated ion the instruction manual of the product device you’re installing in your home.

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Smarter dimmers:

Most of the smarter bulbs available in the market comes with dimming capacities. Instead of heading ahead for purchasing a number of dimmable smart lamps and bulbs and replacing the older one, its advisable of purchasing smarter dimmer switch that can easily control all t bulbs installed with a single shot of system.

Installing the smart dimmers in your home is a good option for the home owners because it’s affordable and works well by replacing the existing ones with the new ones. It also has the capacity of controlling the host of the bulbs without any hast or hassle and is suitable for most of the smart bulbs available in the market.

Smarter switches:

In fact it’s advisable of replacing your old switches with the smarter ones. It is great at work because they can control easily for all the collection of lights without changing any bulk of bulbs installed in your home.

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