Siding Options for Your Home

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2017)
Siding options for your home
Types of siding options for your home

Before purchasing anything or before installing anything in our home, we always hunt for options. The same thing also applies in case of siding. If you want to install siding in your home, you should first of all hunt for some of the siding options for your home. Go through each and every siding option for your home, have a fair comparison among siding options for your home and have a conclusion as to which one to opt. There is plethora of siding options for your home available. See the weather condition, your budget and choice and then choose the one most favorable siding option for your home. Here are some of the siding options for your home.

  • Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular type of siding among all. The reason why it is so popular is its low costing, low maintenance and lot of variety. Another attractive feature which has drive people crazy about vinyl siding is its plastic look. Along with plastic look you have also got plenty of colors and patterns which take the outer look of your house to another level. If you are good with installation work, you can install vinyl siding yourself only with help of some of the tools which will be easily available in the nearby home improvement stores. Be sure you stay away from mistakes so follow the instructions properly and for more help you can watch online videos. Thus vinyl siding is a most considerable siding option for your home.

  • Wood siding

Wood siding is very much famous for bungalows, cottage and Cape Cod.  Wood siding offers a great look along with great level of durability. If you are planning to have your siding for long period of time then wood siding is advisable but it has its own necessity of proper maintenance. The look wood siding offers is very attractive and eye pleasing but the maintenance it demands is also little bit hard. You need to have it painted over a period of time for saving it from weather damage. It is easily prone to insects and rodent attacks. You have your wooden shingles in the form of shingles or clapboards or shakes. It can last up to around 100 years. Thus wood is also a great siding option for your home depending upon the maintenance you do.

  • Brick siding

Brick can be availed in various sizes and textures. It is prepared from fired clay. Brick siding is most probably used in Tudor, colonial and English cottage exteriors. It provides extremely beautiful look and gives a nice aesthetic appeal to your home over number of years. Nowadays, brick siding is veneer constructed outside the wood frame structure of the home. A mortar is used to hold the bricks together. Brick siding is a labor intensive job and thus the costing of installing brick siding sets high. Brick siding is also not a bad siding option for your home but you just need to pay a little bit higher.

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