Roof treatment Ideas

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Roof treatment ideas
Ideas for roof treatment

The roof of your house is subjected to maximum exposure to extreme weather conditions & hence deteriorates the quickest. The irony is that the homeowners often devote the optimum attention to treating the house interior while the roof, the part of the home that encounters maximum torture- stays neglected. The most usual aspects of your roof which experience the extreme weather burden are roof tiles, grooves or gutters for drainage & woodwork on pediment edge of house & below your roof.

You must know that the exposure of roof tiles to the weather changes such as moisture, rain and sunlight which eventually results in peeling of upper surface & cracking. As pores start to open up, water starts seeping into them leading to tile destruction and cracking. The most endangering thing for your roof is cracking occurring breadth wise which is generally invisible and slowly the moisture build-up underneath your roof destroys the wooden part completely.

To ensure a healthy home, the roof should be kept in proper shape which demands timely treatment.

Treating the roof files

Tip prior to treating

Before you climb onto your roof & start walking on tiles, prepare a plank with the dimension of 200 by 25 by 2.5 cm & walk on that. One must cull his weight on ten roof tiles – in case he is heavier, each step would crack the tile.

Go on with tile treatment

First of all, you have to pull out the tiles surrounding cracked tiles, two above, 1 on left & 1 on right. You must be prepared with similar design and type of tile as the replacement tile- make sure the replacement is done in proper alignment with other tiles around.

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Take care of attic

Along with the moisture breakthrough into the tiles, the moisture breakthrough from attic to outside is even more dangerous. In case your attic is sealed hermetically, moisture won’t be able to pass out through roof & thus tiles inside would “sweat”. This is why you should maintain proper ventilation for your attic and install side windows.

Moss treatment on roof shingles

Moisture build-up on roof shingles forms the breeding ground for moss that is dirty, unsightly and really harmful for health. Hence the moss cleaning from the roof shingles is a significant part of your roof treatment.

Get a dry place on roof top and start off with your bristle brush. First, brush off the loose moss from roof top- be careful not to crack the roof shingles. Now, make a cleaning mix with water and nontoxic oxygen. Don’t use chlorinated whiten as it can off-color the shingles. Apply the mixture on your roof top & let it rest for 20 minutes.

Now, brush off your roof top with a clean scrub brush. Check out the spots between the roof shingles to ensure that they’re in proper place. Follow up with a good rinse & let the area dry. After it has dried, install 10 ft x 5” copper strips underneath the upper line of shingles. Around 1” of copper must be kept open.

If maintaining your roof on your own is intimidating or too much to handle based on danger, lack of experience, etc., you can hire a good roofing contractor for this work.

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