Roof Cleaning Methods

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)
Methods available for roof cleaning
Methods of roof cleaning

Once the roof is installed the work of it does not ends there, but there are many other matters which are to be considered after the installation of roof. Roof is the main part of any home and the homeowners also wants their home to be perfect and efficient which can sustain in any unwanted weather. At the time of installment there roof looks new and elegant but as the time passes its shine and glossy effects gets dull and faded. For maintaining it there are many ways and methods which helps the owners to keep their roof clean and attractive the whole year. Because of new technology there are new and upgraded methods of cleaning your roof is available in the market.

Cleaning Methods are:

  1. Environment friendly method

Roof cleaners use this method for a hygiene and eco friendly nature because now days people have started following the concept of protecting the nature and so they prefer to use this method more as compared to other methods. These method do not consist of any chlorine bleach or substance which harms the environment. They use eco friendly products to clean the roof. As roofs also contains the water pipes so for not getting it damaged they use natural product which do not disintegrate the roofing installed. These cleaning method steer clear of brushing and scrubbing. This method may cost more as compared to other methods because it contains eco friendly products.

  1. Chlorine Bleach method

The main purpose of cleaning roof is the moss and algae which gets accumulated on the roof because of constant flowing water, dust, etc. There is often noticed the leakages and drainage issues due to the storm or any unwanted weather and because of that it created the issue of maintaining and cleaning the roof. Chlorine bleach method is not naturals based method. These method consist of substances which helps in removing the algae and moss and also helps in cleaning the unwanted waste on the roof. They mix many toxic chemicals and spray it on the roof for more than one time so that no issue of dirt and untidiness stays. These chemicals are harmful to roofs so it is wisely used by the roofer who is cleaning the roof.

  1. High Pressure Power Cleaning Method

This method is totally different than that of other methods of cleaning the roof. In this method the roofing contractors sprinkles high chemicals on the moss or algae grown so that they gets vanishes on a quicker base. This method is not favorable more because it is harmful and can attempt damages to the roof and there are chances to replace new roofing for the home. They can even smash up your roof shingles. This method does not remove the algae and moss from its roots so there are chances that they can again grow on the roofs. Rood stains can be removed but this method can harm your roof from its base and this will lead to more expenses in maintenance of your roof.

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