Pros And Cons Of Solar Roofing

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)
Home having Solar roofing
Solar roofing in home

Solar roofing is a very new concept but indeed very beneficial concept is it helps in saving energy and cost both. If you are considering installing solar roofing in your home, it’s very important to know about it in detail before installation. Solar roofing basically uses photovoltaic energy for converting the sunlight into electricity. In general solar roofing is having some photovoltaic cells which are joined together for forming a solar panel. Some of these panels are then installed on your roof and you roof is converted into solar roof. The basic function of solar roof is convert sunlight into electricity. This can be resulting in big savings in your energy bills and another benefit of solar roofing is that it is also eco-friendly in nature. However, this much information about solar roofing is not enough if you are considering it to install in your home. You need to know more about solar roofing and to help you out, here is list of pros and cons of solar roofing. Check them out in detail and decide for yourself whether it should be installed in your home or not.

Pros of solar roofing

Solar roofing is one of the best solutions for our never ending demands as it needs just sunlight which is inexhaustible and most of the time available in major parts of the world.

  • Long lasting


One of the major benefits of having solar roofing in your home is that they are long lasting. They can last for plenty of years to come now when something is extremely long lasting, you must be worried it will need high maintenance and repairs. However in case of solar roofing, the repair cost is very minute and nominal and there is no maintenance issues as compared with that of other normal roofing materials and methods.

  • Low toxic emissions


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Non toxic solar roof
Low toxic solar roof

Solar energy is one of the green and also clean options. There are no toxic emissions involved in case of solar roofing. Unlike all those old traditional methods for generating electricity which involves emissions of greenhouse gases which is one of the causes of increasing global warming, solar roofing does not involve any such gases and don’t contribute any increase towards global warming. Solar roofing is also beneficial for the betterment of the overall well-being and health of the members of the house.

  • Money saving


One of the major pros for which you will be attracted to install solar roofing is that it is money saving. Solar roofing will make a big difference in the energy bills of your home. This is because you will not be dependent on the traditional methods of supplying power in your home. Majority of the homeowner who opt for installing solar roofing in their home sees a major cut ion the utility bills in the first year of the installation only. You can get total freedom from the local companies and also get rid of the ever increasing electricity rates. There are several governments who also offer some great tax credits for getting solar roofing system installed in their home.

  • Eco-friendly


Solar roofing is an eco-friendly option as you don’t have any need of burning the fossil fuel for generation of electricity. There is only limited supply of source s of energy of non-renewable resources on earth and our demands are exceeding very fast as compared to our supply. If you use solar energy as an alternative and switch towards it, you can highly reduce the need of exhaustible resources and make them long lasting.

  • Backup ideas


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Even though solar roofing cannot work properly without sunlight, technology is so much advanced and has made many alternatives which can be used as backup options for availing the energy. For making the use of backup, you need to make sure that there is a continuous supply of power even at the night time or when there is an unfavorable weather condition.

Cons of solar roofing

Along with all the pros of solar roofing, solar roofing also has certain cons which should also be taken in to consideration. In comparison of all such pros, there are many people who9 can just ignore the cons and go for its installation.

  • Depends on sunlight


Professionals installing solar panels
Installation of solar panels

This con of solar roofing is also its pros. The functioning of solar roofing is highly dependent on the sunlight or let’s say solely dependent on the sunlight. At the night time and also during the cloudy days, the photovoltaic cells which are the main part of solar roofing cannot perform their job properly.  As a result, there need to be have some sort of power which should be kept in standby for all those times when there is no sunlight. This can be an issue but still it is beneficial to issue especially for those who lives in area with high sunlight.

  • High initial installation cost

Installation of solar roofing can be quite expensive. The initial costing of setting up solar roofing in your home and installing it by the professionals is very costly. There are several roofing which can also be installed by yourself you can save some bucks on installation which is not the case with solar roofing. Solar roofing installation is not a DIY project and you have to hire professional for getting it installed and they charge really high for that. Several parts of the roof, like ends and the corners generally consists of traditional and also the non-solar roofing supplies. However in basic the cost of solar roofing is high and you cannot deny it and you will have to empty your pocket quite a lot for getting it installed in your home. The cost of materials and rest of the things is quite high of the solar roofing as compared to that with other traditional roofing. However when you think it from the perspective of long term investment, the high initial cost can be easily justified.

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