Pros and Cons of Rubber Roofing

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2017)
Rubber roof installed
Flat surface Rubber roof

If you’re planning of installing one of the best flat roofing options for your home, rubber roofing is a perfectly suitable option! It is among the most used flat surfaced roofing option in Canada and US. The roofing style was introduced before 40 to 45 years but its importance and its trend is still prevailing in the market. Well, the reason for the roofing success is its condition and the flat surface which is liked by many of the home owners. Even there are different colors and alternatives that increase its trend to be more.

Even rubber roofing have many different reasons and purposes of installation. Basically it is another type of flat roof that can be used in the form of roofing material. Even rubber roof is used as an alternative for many of the traditional roofing styles. Taking from the cedar rubber roofing style to the slate rubber roofing style, it has genuinely becomes one of the most suitable type of roofing material for any type of roofing style.

The use of rubber roofing shingles is way more as compared to the wooden shingles. It is simply because its benefits like high durability, Eco-friendly and easy in installation. But, similar to other roofing options, it also supplies with many pros and cons. Before you head ahead in installing rubber roofing option in your home, you should at least be aware about its benefits and the drawbacks. As with most of the things there are both benefits and its drawbacks too. By figuring out the pros and cons of rubber roofing, well home owners are just a step away from taking the confirmed decision of installing rubber roofing as the perfect suitable option for your home! But trust me folks, installing rubber roofing would prove one of the best decision of your life.

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Rubber roofing – Pros and Cons:


  • Rubber roofing shingles
    Rubber roofing shingles installed

    Rubber roofing is proved to be one of the best materials for installing in the home. They are basically made out of recycle and eco-friendly materials. It is simply the best example of an environmental friendly material that can be used for the roofing option in your home.

  • As we know, rubber material helps in reflecting heating effects; it simply helps in cutting off the cooling costs during summers. As the heat will unable to travel into the home interiors, and this result into less using of air conditioning unit for maintaining a cool temperature in your home.
  • Not only the summers but it is also effective during winters. As it is an environmental friendly material it works as an insulator during winters that simply results into cutting off the cost of heater.
  • Another benefit of installing rubber roofing is its material. It is highly waterproof in nature that helps in keeping water or any water damage away from the interiors of the home. And when it comes for the durability, rubber roofing is on the list. It is highly durable in nature. Rubber roofs last for a longer period of time before you opt for replacing it with new one.
  • We can say it lasts for more than 35 to 60 years. Rubber roofing is water resistant and holds up against wind, fire and water. Most of the rubber roofing material is fire retardant that is highly beneficial, for the home owners. Even, rubber roofing offers protection from UV stable and the ozone layer too. It is simply a non-perishable material offering with many of the benefits to the home owners.
  • The process of repairing any damaged rubber shingle is very easy and inexpensive. You can easily deal with the replacing process and there’s no need of hiring any professional for the same. Most of the repairs are DIY process that can be held by yourself.
  • If you’re thinking that it is typically available in one color and pattern, you’re wrong. Rubber roofing is available in different colors, textures and patterns. Home owners now have the option of selecting the color of the roofing material according to the color of your home.
  • Even, it has the capacity of shifting to another home if you’re shifting top another place after many of the years. It is an ideal choice for flat surfaced roof with low pitched surface.


  • Three people installing rubber roof
    Rubber roof installed by three people

    When it comes for installing the rubber roofs, it’s advisable of calling a professional for the installation. The professionals having proper working experience with flat and rubber roofs are perfectly suitable for the home owners. This might be time consuming a bit costly process of finding and hiring a professional roofer for the same.

  • As we all know, the invention of rubber roofing is from last 40 to 45 years, so many of the professionals has less experience in installing the rubber roofs. You might need to find a perfect professional who can start up the process and end up in a right way. The professionals who do not have adequate knowledge of installing it might turn up to charge more amount of cost as compared to the traditional professionals.
  • As the rubber shingles and roofing materials are highly durable in nature, the demand of rubber shingles are more. It simply results in high pricing factor. They aren’t cheap as expected. In fact, rubber shingles are among the most expensive shingles out there in the roofing market.
  • If you’re looking for something really cheap and affordable, rubber shingles are not meant for you because of its expensive rates. Even, the installation process of rubber roofing might turn up to be a longer process as compared to the wooden or the asphalt roofing shingles.
  • This drawback might be rare, but it still prevails. During high summer days, the rubber shingles might turn up smelling brunt. This happens because the sun heats the shingles up. This is very rare but it doesn’t mean it cannot. Many a times you might observe this situation. Even, rubber shingles are not much fragile, the possibilities of getting damaged is high. Keep certain things in mind while installing rubber roofing style for your home.
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