Pros And Cons Of Metal Siding

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Metal siding in your home
Having home with metal siding

When it comes to siding, you are availed with plenty of options. You can go for steel siding, wood siding, vinyl siding, plastic siding and plenty more. However there might be different choice while choosing siding for residential purposes and industrial purposes, but the one type of siding which suits with both and complements the place wherever it is installed is metal siding. However you cannot choose metal siding just because it complements all types of structure and you have to proper research on metal siding, if you are consider it to install in your home. However metal siding does have varied other reasons based on which you can you would love to have metal siding in your home. One of the essential things to be take into consideration while analyzing metal siding as an option for your home is its cost. While making material selection, you should consider the life time metal siding cost and not just the installation cost, you must also check out the level of maintenance needed and also its longevity. In certain materials, it might happen that the initial installation cost is low attracted by which you would go for it but its maintenance cost during its lifetime is high which would cover up the low cost at the initial stage. However this will not be the case with metal siding as it is by far the low maintenance product along with being highly durable.

Metal siding are so much durable that warranties are given for time period of 20 to 40 years and if its installation is done properly and proper care is given on its maintenance then it can easily last for time period exceeding 40 years. However with all this bright side of metal siding, it does have some dark side also. If you are seriously considering metal siding as your siding option, it’s advisable to know metal siding in detail and then evaluate whether to opt for it not. Here are some of the metal siding pros and cons to know it better.

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Pros of metal siding

  • Low maintenance needs

Maintaining metal siding
Man cleaning metal siding

If you go for buying high qualitative metal siding with protective coat then you will not need anything else except to give a regular wash in periodic manner. To maintain your metal siding, you need to wash it twice in a year. If dirt and stains are more clearly visible then you can go for more cleaning also. Metal siding cleaning in timely manner will protect it from various chemical reactions which can take place when there is accumulation of dirt, debris or any other toxins which gives reaction with metal building products. Regular washing will save your metal siding from erosion. This will also keep your home to look like new and fresh. If the color of your metal siding starts to fade and looks dull and then you have the option of painting it again and bringing back the charm of your metal siding.

  • Very tough

Toughness of metal siding can be compared with that of nails. There is no question regarding warping, chipping or cracking of metal siding. One of another benefit with metal siding is that they are totally pest resistant and even fire resistant. However there are also types in metal siding and all of them are not adequate to comply with all weather circumstances. Say for example, if you are opting for aluminum siding, it will give you great looks for years and is also affordable but if you are residing in an area with storms and your kids have habit of hitting balls to your home then you better go for steel siding.

  • Sustainable

Metal siding is very sustainable material and it is helpful to both home owners and even business owner to cope up with the criteria and codes of green building. Metal is such a material which can be recycled after its useful life ends and the leftover of carbon footprint is also very low.

  • Energy efficiency and comfort

Metal siding is such addition to your home which can improve interior comfort and in turn improving the energy efficiency of the home. This will also improve on your energy spending. If your home is very hot, you can add a reflective layer over your metal siding and your home will be much cooler and in turn it will decrease the usage of your Ac, decreasing your electricity bills. On a contrary situation, if your home is very cool, you can paint your metal siding with dark colors which will absorb the heat and keep your hone warm.

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Cons of metal siding

  • Denting

Denting of metal siding
Metal siding being dented

Metal siding is prone to denting if high qualitative and thicker product is not chosen. It can dent very easily by any forceful impact on it. To avoid this issue, it is advisable to opt for high quality metal siding.

  • Moisture issues

Metal is kind of material which can rust very easily and hence moisture is the biggest enemy to metal siding. When you talk about other siding products, they are laid down in layers form, whereas metal siding is laid down in sheets and this will leave very less amount of area for the water to infiltrate. If the edges are not properly sealed and installation is not done in proper manner, chances are there for water to make its way and deteriorate your metal siding. Hence, make sure you hire an experienced contractor for metal siding installation.

  • Costly material

One of the major drawbacks of metal siding is that it is very costly material specifically steel is extremely expensive as compared to that with other siding options. However being costly in the initial stage, you can recover it at the later stage as you don’t have to pay for the repairs and replacement in the long run. The cost of maintenance and staining and all will be cut down if you invest it at the initial stage during installation.

Siding costs

Types of siding Replacement Price per sq. ft Price of two story building
Vinyl Siding 30 to 50 $2 to $7 $7000 to $13000
Metal siding 50 years or more $3 to $5 $9000 to $15000
Fiber cement siding 30 $5 to $12 $14000 to $21000
Wood siding 100 years or more $5 to$10 $10000 to $15000
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