Pros And Cons Of Concrete Flooring

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
benefits and drawbacks of concrete flooring
Pros and cons of concrete flooring

If you have an opinion that concrete flooring is suitable to places like industries and basement then my friend give a thought again. Concrete flooring is capturing a lot of market and is installed in many of the residential places also. Popularity of concrete flooring is reaching at its peak. People are choosing to install concrete flooring in their home due to its low cost, less maintenance, great aesthetic appeal and along with this it suits perfectly with the modern interior. However if you are having a mindset that you will not like to have concrete flooring in your living room or bedroom, then you must know that modern constructions and homes are preferring concrete flooring over other types of flooring and setting this new trend. If you think that concrete flooring will not suit with traditional cozy homes then you are totally wrong. Concrete flooring gives plenty of options for painting, staining and stamping and hence you can decorate it in the way you want to. However by learning all this unknown fact about concrete flooring, if you are having second thought in your mind about installing it in your home, then you must learn about concrete flooring in detail. Concrete flooring has plenty of pros which will attract you but it also has some of the cons which you should also take into consideration to not to regret at the end. Here are some of the concrete flooring pros and cons, which you should definitely learn before opting for it.

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  • Durability

One of the major benefits of having concrete flooring installed in your home is its mind-blowing durability. These floors are very much resilient and tough and can easily withstand the heavy pressure from heavy weighted equipment’s like lifts, cars, trucks and such other things. This is one of the reasons of this flooring material being so much popular and chosen over others. This is most probably used in the areas like industry, garage, basement, warehouse and commercial workspaces. All these areas are in extreme need of durability and strong structure. Durability defines that this material for flooring is also prone to damage and can last long. Some of the basic things in the house which can damage the floor are high heels, pet claws, legs of furniture. Concrete flooring installation in your home will save you from scratches caused due to these substances. You also can ignore the damages caused from dropping from different items as concrete flooring is also prone to all this substances.

  • Ease in maintenance

Maintaining concrete flooring
Maintenance of concrete flooring

Making to look your concrete floor good will need nothing but just a little amount of care. You don’t to worry all the time for maintaining concrete flooring, just like you need to do with other flooring types. Based upon the level of floor traffic concrete flooring will need to be sealed or waxed over a period of every 6 to 9 months. This will be like protective layer of the concrete flooring saving it from damage and making it look good. Apart from wax and seal, you can also try using some of the neutral cleaning products in timely manner for cleaning the floor and mopping the floor. You can make use of bluer utility pad for getting rid 0f the more stubborn stains on your concrete flooring.

  • Environment friendly

In majority of the cases, there will already a concrete subfloor be existing under another flooring material which is below in the matter of grade. This means that installation of concrete flooring is just uninstalling something which has been [laced over it and which is not environment friendly and replacing it with environment friendly material. Here is no production of any new material and hence there is no depleting of resources and existence of carbon footprints.

  • Versatile

If you concrete flooring is smooth and dint have any holes and bumps and any other defects, you can install any flooring of your choice as you want to. Hence this gives you freedom of installing any new flooring of your choice as and when you want. This opens you up with plenty of design choice in the future whenever you want to opt for some new types of flooring. Hence by this point of view concrete flooring is a versatile material.

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  • Hard

The durability and strength of the concrete flooring can also work as a drawback. As this is very strong, it is also very much hard. The surface is extremely, if you want to stand on concrete flooring for a long period of time, it will be very much difficult and uncomfortable. Your floor will not be damaged if anything falls on it but if you fall on the floor, it can hurt you a lot. Even the items are more likely to break or crack if they are dropped on the concrete flooring due to its hardness. If you are having pets, kids or elders, these flooring are not at all advisable as they can get hurt when they fall. Kids are more likely to fall and hence you must avoid this flooring if you are having kids.

  • Cold

One of drawbacks which concrete flooring is that it cannot retain heat very well. Hence if you are residing in an area with cold weather you should definitely avoid concrete flooring as it will be cold all the time and to make it hot, you have to use your heater more which in turn will increase your heating bills. Your feet will always feel cold when you step on the floor, you can use carpet or rug to make it bit comforting.

  • Moisture issues

Problems of moisture of concrete flooring
moisture issues of concrete flooring

If you fail to seal concrete flooring in better manner, chances are there that your flooring can get damaged by moisture. If liquid makes its way to the edges and pores of the flooring, it can really damage the flooring to a bad extent. Chances are there you might have to replace the whole flooring.

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