Process To Remove Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
Homeowner Removing vinyl floor tiles
Process of removing vinyl floor tiles

Self-Adhesive vinyl floor tiles are one of the most popular materials for flooring which can be used generally in plenty of different applications. You will generally find self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles in places like utility rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. However if you are tired and bored of this same type of flooring and you have decided to remove it then you must know that it will involve a huge level of hard work to remove it. Removing self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles takes lots of time and effort.  However this is difficult but still you can go for removing it by yourself. You will need right steps to follow for removing self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles. First of all you will have to collect all the materials needed for removing self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles. As these is bit of a difficult project, you have to be very careful and accurate and you have to make sure that you are not damaging your flooring while removing self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles or else you will have to pay extra bucks for repair and there will be no point in going for DIY and saving some money. If you are a handy person and bit experienced then only go for doing this job yourself otherwise you are always open with the option of calling a professional and getting g the job done. Here are some of the steps for removing self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles.0

List of things needed


  • Water
  • Utility knife
  • Long Scraping handle
  • Rags
  • Bucket
  • Mineral spirits
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Steps for removing self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles

  • Check the conditions of vinyl floor tiles

The first step of removing self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles is to check the current condition of your flooring. Generally you will find the condition of these tiles similar to what it was before at the time of its installation. Over some period of time, these tiles will start to remove its hold of the floor. This will make the process of removing it easier as you just have to go along and lift them up from the floor. Get down on the ground and pick a corner of the tile in your room and start to lift them up. If you find them coming up very easily then your job of removing them will be quite easy. If it gets stuck and don’t come up very easily then it will difficult to remove them and some further measure should be needed for getting the job done.

  • Cutting of tiles

Removing vionyl floor by Cutting vinyl tile
Cutting vinyl tile for removing it

The second step of removing self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles is cutting of tiles. If the vinyl tiles are attached very firmly then you will to make use of a utility knife and start to cut the tiles with them. You have to start by scoring each of the tiles and then make a slit cut right in the middle which should be deep enough that it should get under the surface finish.

  • Add some water

Once you get through the step of cutting the tiles, you need to get a bucket of water and pour some water on each of the tiles. If you are aware that you are on a wooden subfloor then be careful and ensure that you are putting plenty of water on it. This is because excess amount of water can damage the wood under it. Well if you are standing on concrete then this will not be a matter of issue. Cover up the surface of the water by using vinyl very thoroughly and then let it soak for some period of time. By cutting yup the tile from middle and putting some amount of water in the cut will help you to release the adhesive. This will be very helpful to take off the tile from the floor and even without making any kind of damage.

  • Scraping the tile

After the water is given a fair amount of time to sit and settle, the adhesive would be quite loose and then you can begin to scrap. Now this is the most difficult step of removing self-adhesive vinyl floor tile and you have to do this as there is no other alternative available. You need to take a scraper and make sure it should be having long handle. Now you have start working with it under the tile. You should pick one end of the room and start working from there. Start from one end and work your way across your floor. Try and take up the adhesive by using the tile instead of breaking it off. There are plenty of people who would just break the tiles and leave the adhesive on the floor only as doing this is quite easier as compared with that of taking the tile and adhesive off altogether. Well you have to compulsorily remove the adhesive along with tiles if you are intending to install anything else on the floor after getting rid of the tiles.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning vinyl floor tile with cleaning solution
Cleaning vinyl floor tile

The last but not the least step of removing self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles is to clean the mess. After you scrap off the tiles, there will be lots of mess around in your room and it’s time to clean that mess. Leaving your floor dirty for long period of time will make the dirt more stubborn and it would be more difficult to clean it up on later stage and hence do it immediately after you are done with scraping the tiles. If you see any adhesive left on the floor, you have to clean it off and you can probably make use of mineral spirit for doing so. Dispose any rags which are soaked up with the chemical properly when you are done with cleaning. When you are finished with all the cleaning work, you will get a neat and clean subfloor where you can easily undertake any new project and work on it comfortably. There are also some cleaning solutions for leaning the adhesive; you can also try them for better cleaning.

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