Process To Install Steel Roofing

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Steel roofing in home
Installation of steel roofing

Steel roofing is one of the popular roofing types and opted by many of the people. The most important quality of steel roofing is that it is quite durable and it can also withstand with extreme weather conditions. If you are residing in an area with extreme weather conditions, then you also need to opt for installing steel roofing. One of another best thing about steel roofing is that it is easily recyclable. Well before you go for installing steel roofing, you should research it to its fullest and know each and every thing about steel roofing. You can start from knowing the process of installing steel roofing. You can go for installing steel roofing by yourself; you just need some of the tools which can be easily made available from any of the home improvement store. Here is the process of installing steel roofing step by step which help you to get the desired result.

  • Take measurement of your roof

You can take a measure tape to find the distance between eaves and ridge of your roof. After that you can add up desired amount of overhang to that specified measurement if you want your roof to get hang over your eaves. Also decide the width of your roof. Divide the width of your roof by 3. The result you get will be the number of panels which you will need to install on your steel roof. If you are having a roof which is having width of 45 feet and you will be in need of 15 metal panels. Panels are available in a width of 3 feet but they can cut in any size and shape to match up with the required size.

  • Purchase your steel roofing panels

Purchasing steel roofing panels
Buying steel roofing panels

Select the steel roofing panel distributor you find appropriate. Take the adequate measurement of your roofing and give it to the distributor. When the panels are ready purchase it from the distributor.

  • Cover up the shingles

While installing steel roofing, you must add shingles to it as it will work as radiant barrier insulation and make your home more efficient. You can also opt for covering up your roof with roofing felt of 30 pound for keeping the moisture away from your roof. Leave the old shingles of your roof as it as. You don’t need to remove the old layer of shingles. Make use of staple gun or even plastic cap nails for securing the insulation set on the roofing felt.

  • Lay down the batten boards

Batten boards will be very helpful in securing the steel panels which have to be installed on the roof. Start with laying ¼ inch of pine board on whole of your roofing felt. These boards must compulsorily run in parallel position with the eaves and ridges. Make use of a drill for screwing the boards in your roofing.

  • Installation of eave flashing

Eave flashing is very essential element of steel roofing. This will allow the water to flow easily off your roof and don’t let the water get accumulated on the roof. This is very important as accumulated water can cause heavy damage to your steel roof. You can take a hammer and nail it for attaching the eave flashing on to your eaves. Attach this eave flashing with the total width of your roof. If you roof is having gutters then this eave flashing must compulsorily cover each and every portion of the sides of the gutters.

  • Make application of closure strips

Closure strips will allow closing up the gaps which are there under the steel roofing panels. It is very important to close this gaps as if not done so, chances are there that pests and animals might that gaps their home and can damage your steel roofing a lot. Put this closure strips on the eave flashing. Put a little drop of butyl tape sealant which will cover up the closure strip.

  • Attach the first steel roofing panel

Put up the first steel roofing panel on the one of the edges of the roof. The lower end of the panel must be hanging ¾ inch over from the eave. After that this panel must be screwed on each of the board.

  • Install all the remaining panels

Installing steel roofing
Installation of steel roofing by professional

Lay down the second panel over the first panel you installed. All the high ridges which are running as per the length of your second panel must overlap the ridge which is placed on the first panel. Now the second panel must be screwed into the first panel for securing it. Place all the screws on the ridges which are overlapping. Install a screw from each and every eave to the ridge. Repeat the same process again with the remaining panels and cover up your whole roof.

  • Make installation of gable trim

Gable trims are installed in the steel roofing to avail the edges of roof with smooth and good appearance. Make application of a very thin line of butyl tape sealant on each and every side edge of your steel roof. Place your gable trim on the steel roofs side edge. Then screw your gable trim with the roofs edge.

  • Install ridge cap

The ridge cap will help the water to flow from the roof. Make application of a very thin layer of butyl tape sealant on the edge of the roof. Put the foam closure on the ridge of roof. After that, put the ridge cap on the roof.

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Extra tips

  • Make sure you are putting on the safety glasses and also work gloves while you are installing steel roofing. Safety is very important; you should even check your ladder. Make sure the ladder is steady and ensure that someone knows that you are working with the roof.
  • Another essential thing is that you must not go for installing steel roofing when the weather is inclement. Make sure the weather is dry when you are installing steel roofing.
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