Process To Clean Your Rugs

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2017)
Ways of Cleaning the rug
Tips for Cleaning the rug

Rugs are one of the most beautiful ways to pull up your entire room. Rugs add warmth and beauty to your home. Rugs are one of the best ways to protect your feet. During winters it will give heat and warmth to your feet and keep them protected. Well rugs lie on the floor and are used on daily basis and they also get dirty very soon. If you want to make your rugs long lasting and maintain its beauty, you need to clean your rugs properly and in timely manner. Well rugs will always need deep cleaning to make it look good. Well majority of the people roll their rugs and sent it to the professional for cleaning them. Well you can also do the same and spent your bucks for the work that even you could have done very easily. Yes you heard it right, you can also clean your rugs very easily without any hassle and save up some of your bucks. Well there are several steps for cleaning your rugs without damaging it. If you are new to the process of rug cleaning, you might need some guide on the same. Here are some of the steps for cleaning your rug without the help of professional.

  • Vacuum your rug daily


Vacuuming the rug by homeowner
Lady vacuuming the rug

Well you cannot wash your rug on daily basis for keeping it clean but you use it daily and it also gets dirty daily. So for keeping it clean on regular basis, you can make use of vacuum. If not on regular basis, then at least once in a month you must flip your rug upside down and vacuum the back side of the rug. Use the beater bar or the rotating brush for pushing out the dirt which is trapped deep inside at the top of the rug. Flip the rug from each and every side and vacuum the dirt and dust. If it is a wool rug, then you should probably make use of the suction for cleaning your rug. You can make use of the beater bar or the rotating brush on the back and front for cleaning up the synthetic rugs. Make sure that you are not vacuuming tassels or fringes. These materials are very delicate and can be tangled very easily in the vacuum beater bar. These materials also have the chances to be ripped by the suction. These types of rugs just need to be fluffed by hands. If you try any other thing for cleaning these types of rugs, you will end up damaging it.

  • Rotate the rug for even wear

There are certain areas of the home where the foot traffic is extreme and that area of the rug would look dull and used and the rest of the rug will look like new. Now even when the rest of the rug is fine, you will have to replace it due to specific part looking bad. To avoid these you must rotate your area rug daily. There can be tracks into the fibers and patterns of a rug due to foot traffic. If there is a piece of furniture on the rug then move your furniture daily to avoid the image and impression of the furniture on the rug. This can even cause the rug to fade in that specific area.

  • Roll your rug


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Avoid folding your rug while you are storing it or taking it from one place to another. For maintaining your rug in good condition, you need to roll your rug. This will save your rug from any type of creases which can make the rug to look uneven. By rolling the rug, moving or storing your rug will be comparatively easier. If you are transporting your rug for dry cleaning or steam cleaning then it is advisable to roll it in advance only.

  • Use dilute white vinegar


Rug cleaning through vinegar
Vinegar for rug cleaning

If your rug is out of shine or color and looks dull and faded and there is a homemade solution for bringing back the charm of your rug. Take a one part of vinegar and 3 parts of water and blot them slowly and in the carpet piles direction by using a sponge. Make sure you are not soaking the carpet and you are just damping it. Avoid the rug to get exposure with the sun and let it just air dry. This trick will act like bleaching the colors and making your rug look more attractive.

  • Remove insects infestation

Shampooing your rug or opting for steam cleaning does not work if you want to control insect colonies. The easiest and simplest solution for removing infestation from the rug is using borax. Borax is basically a natural coat which will be used in degrading the exoskeletons of insects and will finish up their eggs and larvae. Sprinkle this on the rug and wait for the time period of approximately 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, vacuum the entire rug. While doing this, ensure that there are pets near the rugs which can inhale the borax as it is creates mild toxic irritation.

  • Clean the stains immediately

While you are testing the rug, make sure that you do it with plain white and damp towel. This will ensure that color will not run and mix with one another. After you are done with cleaning the rug, don’t let it get dry on the floor as it will harm your floor and can also lead to permanent water damage. If you are having wool rug then don’t use carpet shampoo for cleaning it. Carpet shampoo is basically prepared for synthetic carpets and not possibly for the wool area rug.  Well the best way to keep your rug clean is spot cleaning. When there is any spill or stain or spot on the rug, you should take immediate action and get it clean. This will save you from the situation of deep cleaning. Check the label of the rug before you go for using any spot cleaning methods for your rug.

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