Process Of Installing A Kitchen Sink

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2017)
Removing old kitchen sink
Getting rid of old kitchen sink

Kitchen sink is an important part of any of the home. You need kitchen sink for washing dishes, cooking, food, disposing food and filling flower vases. Kitchen sinks are installed over the kitchen counters. If your old kitchen sink is not in a good condition or you are going for renovation and you want to install a kitchen sink, you will call a professional. Well this is not the only way you can go for installing a kitchen sink. If you are a handy person and want to save some bucks then you can go for installing a kitchen sink even by yourself. Many homeowners have an opinion that installing a kitchen sink by them is a daunting activity but actually with a little amount of skill set and adequate and appropriate tips, you can easily install a kitchen sink by yourself. However if you are not able to do it by yourself then you are always open with the option of calling the professional. While you are installing a kitchen sink, you must care about one thing as to what the size of your kitchen counter is and what size of cabinet you should install. Here is a step wise method for installing a kitchen sink.

  • Start with measuring the size of your current sink. If the size of your new sink has different dimensions and location of the drain then you might have a need to change the opening of counter top or make some changes in plumbing. It’s advisable to take the exact measurement of the old sink along with distance from sink wall to drain center before you go for shopping for your new sink. While working up on installing a kitchen sink, make sure to wear safety glasses.
  • Installing new kitchen sink
    Installation of new kitchen sink

    Before installing a kitchen sink, you also need to check whether you need to replace the faucet or is there any need to install any additional component like soap dispenser or sprayer or any hot water tap or even filtered water tap. You need to do preparation before you install a kitchen sink. General sinks basically have 1 to 4 holes placed on the rear lip for the faucet and also any additional component. Installation of new faucet or any other counter parts is easy, if you do this while you are installing new sink. This is because you can easily have access on the hardware along with the sink which is out of the counter top.

  • Before you install a kitchen sink, you first of all need to remove the old one. Turn off the supply lines of both hot water and cold water. You will find the shut off valves placed in the cabinet which is below the sink or it can be also in the basement. If you are not able to spot it then you can try turning off the main water line of the entire house. After that turn the faucet on for relieving the water pressure which is there in the lines.
  • The next step is to adjust the wrenches for disconnecting the faucet from the water supply lines. Make a small bucket ready for catching up the water which is left inside the supply lines and even the drain pipes as they also need to be removed. You can let the faucet attached with the sink only as both of them are the same unit only.
  • If you are having any garage disposer then you must first of all turn the circuit off and then unplug it. Make use of the pilers so that you can disconnect drainpipes and also P trap from your sink drain. Put a bucket or any such thing under the drain to catch up the excess amount of water. After that get rid of dishwasher drain line.
  • After this install the metal clips which is there under the counter encircling the perimeter of the sink. Use a utility knife and cut the caulk which is there around the sink. Push the unit from under and then take the old sink away. Remove the grime by using the putty knife. After that clean those components which you need to reinstall again.
  • Clean kitchen sink after installation
    Kitchen sink cleaning after installation

    After that set up the new sink in the countertop hole for checking out whether it fits in or not. If you think so that it is not adjusting then you will have to make some changes in the counter tops. You can use jigsaw router or tile clutter for doing so. If the new sink that you are going to install is large dimension than the current one then you needs to open the counter top, turn your sink from upside down to the place where you exactly want your sink to fit. Take the outline and cut the new one by using jigsaw.

  • Get rid of the sink from counter top hole and then attach the clips which are turned in towards the sink. After you are done with this, you must go on for installing faucet and any such other components.
  • Make sure to apply a small bead around your drain strainer and then go on for installing the strainer by pressing it hard against the putty.
  • Now place and secure the rubber gasket by tilting the sink towards its side for proper placement. Also thread the underside of your sink drain. Go on for repeating this to install the additional drain which is there without disposers.
  • Get rid of the excess putty by using a soft towel. If you are having a garbage disposer then take a screw driver and go for installing mounting bracket lying on the sinks bottom. Don’t forget to apply the silicon sealant to the basins edge. Lower your sink down to the opening of the counter top and align it in the square shape. Join your supply lines with your water connections of the faucet so that you are ready to use your kitchen sink.
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