Process Of Building A Carport

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2017)

Carport is an extension to your home, an easy and useful extension, I must say. Well before we start with the process of building a carport, you must have basic introduction about what carport is? Carport is used as a home or shelter for your vehicle. Now this work is generally done by garage but it needs more space and more investment. If you are not comfortable with the budget that garage needs and still want to protect your vehicle then carport is a feasible alternative for it. There are several types of carport to choose from like steel carport, wood carport, metal carport, tin carport, all with their own pros and cons but however the building process of all of them remains same. Well the process of building a carport is quite easy and basically is a DIY job if you are handy and have some sort of experience. If you are confident that you can undertake the project of building a carport by yourself then, here are some of the steps to guide you through the project.

  • Check for the building permits

You will need to confront with the local city planning office for ensuring that the project of building a carport is appropriate with the code. The value of your home can be affected with any kind of addition in your current property which will make it more important to get it assured with the city codes. In certain areas, you will have to produce building drawings which should be sound structurally having a need to have sign of structural engineer who is licensed. For acquainting the required permits, you will need to accumulate proof of having the ownership of the property, appropriate drawings of construction work and worksheet of permit application given by the city.

  • Buy the needed building materials

Before you initiate the work of building a carport, you will need to buy all the tools, materials and supplies needed for the accomplishment of the project. It is based upon your style, like and dislikes as to which material you would choose for building a carport. You can choose from metal or wood whichever you find fit for protection of your vehicle. While choosing the material for building your carport, take into consideration your surrounding area also and the weather around as it will affect a lot. There would be certain materials which should be more or less appropriate with the surrounding you reside in. You are open with the option of customizing the design and set your budget and try out new things as its you who have to undertake the project. If you are residing in dry climate then you must opt for pressure treated lumber as it would be more durable and flexible option for building a carport in the long run. Adequately built wooden structure would be more suitable and elegant as compared with other types of structures. If you are looking for a long lasting option to park your vehicle then treated lumber should be something you should be choosing for. Another option in your choose list would be galvanized metal carport as they are quite budget friendly option and installation is also easy and quick. For someone using vehicle on daily base, this would be actually recommendable.

  • Go for ground measurement

If you want an average sized vehicle in your carport then measure a rectangle which should be minimum 16 feet long and 9 feet in width. Look at this rectangle on the ground and see how much space it will cover. If you are building a carport of basic level then it will need six posts, one at each and every corner of the rectangle. The rest two would be placed at the middle position along the length of 16 foot. If you have more than one vehicle to park or you are you have vehicle of a bigger size then work the measurement accordingly.

  • Level up your ground


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If your ground is uneven and possessing layers of grass, then you need to take several measures for the same. Take a shovel and remove the grass from the ground. Tamp the ground with foot o make it look even. There is no specification of it to be perfectly even but just take a look that it is as flat as possible. If you are intending to build a carport on the existing concrete or even at the end of your driveway then it will be totally fine. Take the measurement of the concrete floor and shape its structure with the ground. You can install a structure having poles to each of the side of the concrete pad by attaching them with the ground.

  • Pour the ground


Having the bare ground would be appropriate but take into account a layer of gravel so that tracking of dirt is not done. This will also avoid of wearing and tearing of the ground and also the carport over the future years.  The most relevant alternative would be to pour the concrete or building a carport on the top of the pre-existing concrete slab only. This will avail your carport with big life expectancy and higher durability.

  • Make use of prefab carport kit

The required material and the needed time would make the process of building a carport bit complicated and tiresome. The solution for this issue is to opt for a prefabricated carport kit which would make the process of building a carport more easy and quick. The metal materials for building a carport would be more budget friendly option as compared with that of lumber carport kit. By this kit you can build a carport just in a day.

  • Set the posts and install the roof

You must go for setting the six posts on its appropriate location as per the triangular shape. Once you are done with it, go for installation of the roof on the top of the beams and fix it by using nails and hammer.

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