Privacy Fence: Installation And Benefits

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)
privacy fence in home
Wooden privacy fence

Many people think that privacy fence is just for adding the beauty and looks to your home. But it is not so, of course fence is a great source of giving a great addition to your home but apart from that., the main reason of installing a privacy fence in your home is the safety and security. There are plenty of options in case of privacy fence which can fit in with every budgetary needs and aesthetic appeal. Adding privacy fence will also keep your pets and your kids inside the boundary of your home. This will ensure that they are safe and protected. Hence it makes privacy fence installation very much important. Installation of privacy fence is very much easy. You can easily install your privacy fence by yourself only, if you are a handy person. If you are going for privacy fence installation yourself then make sure you have done any such task yourself before also or else it can be risky and chances are there you can hurt yourself. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself then you are always open with the option of calling a professional. If you have to go for DIY installation of privacy fence then here are some of the tips for installing privacy fence.

Privacy fence Installation

  • Check neighborhood rules

Before you start installing your privacy fence, it’s very much essential to know whether you are allowed to build any privacy fence or not. It would really be a great expenditure if you get half through privacy fence installation and then you come to know that you are not allowed to build it at all. Privacy fence cost is really high and you don’t want it to go in vain. Building privacy fence in an unapproved area can cause you to pay fine and also need you to take whole thing down and letting all your efforts go in vain. Before starting to build privacy fence, check out your local neighborhood rules and also rules of homeowners association regarding to installation of privacy fence.

  • Check out your city codes

There are rules for the city to build fences. This varies from one city to another. You also need to check out your city code for building fence before you start to build fence. There are certain cities which have restrictions regarding height and they allow only certain specific height of fence. Certain cities allow building fence only up to certain height. Check whether you need any permit or is there any other restriction for your building. If you need any permit then you must take it and then start with the work of building your privacy fence.

  • Get the permit

If you find that you don’t need any permit then it’s well and good, but if you need one, its better you don’t take it lightly and get the permit. This can cause you little money but this is very much important. You can easily get it from local city hall or planning department.

  • Choose your materials wisely

Materials of privacy fence
Materials used for privacy fence

It’s very much important that you choose the material of your privacy fencing very much carefully. Different types of materials have different pros and cons and also needs different types of maintenance and also different types of privacy fence prices. Materials also decide the time till you want your fence to be there. Here are some of the main types of materials for privacy fence.

  • Wood fence

It is the most common types of materials for privacy fence. Such types of fencing will last for approximately 5 to 20 years based upon the type of wood. Say for example, cedar wood will last for longer span of time then pine. These are comparatively very much expensive. Wood fencing can be considered as much difficult to clean, however they can be painted for getting new look.

  • Vinyl fence

As compared to wood fence, vinyl fence can last for longer period of time. If you opt for using quality vinyl then it can probably last for life time of your home. These are available in variety of colors and one of the benefits is that it will not fade for many years. Vinyl fence can also easily be cleaned and still if you are not satisfied with its look you can also get it painted again and make it look like new again. Vinyl privacy fence can be a bit more expensive when it comes to upfront cost but its durability pays for it.

  • Brick fence

Brick is also a great material for fencing that too, when you don’t like the look of wood or vinyl fencing or if you want something more sturdy then wood and vinyl. You have two options in case of brick fence, you can either go with actual brick or you can opt for using concrete block. If you want to get the southwestern look, you can go for covering the concrete blocks in plaster or cobble. Concrete block can be turned perpendicular to one another for creating planters in your walls. Any type of masonry construction will be more costly as compared to that with other options. However it will definitely last more than wood.

  • Growing or green fences

Eco- friendly green fences
Beautiful green fences

This can be really great option for constructing privacy fence if the city you are living in is having many restrictions or have many permits which are extremely expensive. This can be also great if you want to choose much greenery in your yard instead of looking it as a fence. You can plant arborvitae which is an evergreen shrub which grows really three feet per year. Put them in an iron or chain fence and train the ivy on it or try growing more standard hedges on it like holly.

  • Find post locations

Try string to the stakes and then decide the perimeter of the fence and then mark up the corner locations and also measure and mark the corner locations of the intermediate post if they are needed. The distance of the posts depends upon you but make sure that the normal spacing should be at least 8 feet from one center to another. Mark up each of the locations with either stake holes or spray paint.

  • Dig the post holes

Make use of a post holder and dig holes which should be at least ¼ or 1/3 of the height of the intended fence. Make sure that you follow each and every rule which is stipulated in your permit. Also follow your city rules relating to the hole depth. Make sure that you don’t hit the water main while digging the hole. You can also make use of manual digger or even motor based auger. Instead of buying them, you can consider renting them from any of the hardware store.

  • Place gravel

It is important to put some few inches of gravel into the bottom of the hole for providing drainage and making sure that the post will not rot.

  • Place the posts

Make use of 4/4 post at the preferred height which should be factoring in the depth of the hole and start placing them one by one at a time. This might need a helping hand and thus consider taking help from any of your family member.

  • Pour in some of the quick set concrete

Before you set the concrete, make use of a post level for making sure that the post is plumb. Double check the height to verify that, it is exactly what you wanted. Pour in some of the concrete and mix it up with the water just according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Continue to use the level for setting it and make sure that it stays straight. Mix the quick set cement alternatively in a bucket or even the wheelbarrow and then pour it inside. You will have to continue using strings for making sure that posts are in line with one another. Continue to set in all the posts and get all the posts proper before you start to move in.

  • Measure and cut the rails

These are generally the boards which are set in between the posts that too in a perpendicular alignment. You will have to attach the main boards of the privacy fence to the rails. For doing so, first of all they must be measured accurately and cut into proper sizes for fitting in between the posts. You will need approximately two to three rails based on the height of the fence. Mark the spots on the board where you would want your rails to go. With those marks, now nail ¼ flat to the end of the top and also to the bottom rails. These rails should be then perpendicular and must have a 90 degrees turn from the board which should little bit look like a T. Keep doing this for each and every end of the rails.

  • Fit and attach the frames

Fit all the frames in between the post and then fasten them from the inside edge into all the post by using deck screws. After that, you need to attach the outside slats or the pickets. Make use of pickets or slats of any of the width which you prefer. Make sure that they are not more than 1 inch thick. Screw them or nail them into the rails by using nail gun or screw driver. Don’t forget to use the spacer between each board for ensuring that they are even and also that the space between each of them is little bit less than their width. Continue the same process with the total length of the fence. After that attach all the boards on the inside part of the privacy fence. This should be placed in such a manner that they can cover the gaps which are created by the outside boards.

  • Add a gate

It is not necessary to add a privacy fence gate of the same materials as that of the fencing. You can have gate of any other material also and you can have of the same materials also. It totally depends upon your choice. Adding a gate is a tricky thing. You need to be very much careful while adding a gate in between privacy fence.

  • Add up the finishing details

When whole of the above process is done, you can now add the finishing details. You can go for painting or staining your privacy fence according to your wish. You can also add up a decorative top or any planted shrubs along with the baseline.

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  • The materials used for building up fencing and its gate are available at any of the hardware stores or any of the home improvement stores.
  • The framing, posts and planking boards, all of them should be made from cedar and pressure treated lumber.
  • Galvanized nails must be used for coated screws, pressure treated wood, stainless steel nails or any other corrosion resistant fasteners must be used along with cedar as galvanized fasteners will generally discolor cedar wood.
  • Make sure you build only along your property line.
  • You will generally need a copy of the local rules while you are applying for a permit.
fence installation tools
Tools used for fence installation

Things you need

  • Post hole digger
  • Shovel
  • Carpenters level
  • Nail gun or hammer
  • Handsaw or circular saw
  • Square
  • Tape measure
  • Wooden stakes
  • Plot plan
  • Metal detector
  • String
  • Nails
  • Fence planking (Amount will be different based upon the total length of the fencing)
  • Horizontal stringers

When you make the decision to have a privacy fence installed in your home, you always want some advantage out of it. You don’t do anything if it does not avail you with benefits. Hence here are some of the benefits which you get from having a privacy fence installed in your home. Knowing the benefits of having a privacy fence in your home will tempt you more have it as soon as possible and it will also help you if you are confused and unable to make the right decision.

Benefits of Privacy fence

  • Decoration

garden decor with fence
Decorating garden with fence

If you are having a beautiful garden having landscapes which can accented by having some additional decoration, then making use of privacy fence will be the best option for you. Whether you are willing to paint your privacy fence or you want it to stain, it will always be a great choice. You can try and match up the color with the elements of your garden. This can really enhance the beauty of your home to a totally another level. This fencing is generally made of the materials which can accept decoration or paint very easily.

  • Shelter

Having a privacy fence in your home over any other kind of perimeter barrier will provide your home with protection and shelter from many different elements. This privacy fence will act like a windbreaker as it will stop the wind from affecting you or life of your plants or life of your property. Depending upon the positioning of the privacy fence and also your home, it can also avail you with shade whenever needed.

  • Variety

One of the major benefits of using a privacy fence is its wide range of styles and plenty of range of materials available on the market. This will also allow you to fix up on a budget as you are available with wide range of budgetary choices. If you are an eco-friendly person and you are very much concerned about the environment, you also the choices of sustainable materials which can be used for your privacy fence.

  • Protection

A privacy fence gives your home protection not only for keeping the kids and pets inside the boundary of your home but along with that also for keeping the street animals and intruders out of your house. It will help your home to remain hidden from the annoying eyes of the neighbors and intruders and privacy fence will also reduce the temptation of children’s and pets to stray. Your home will benefit from getting a clear indication of where your land is separating from the neighbor’s property.

  • Maintenance

Privacy fence are specifically designed for lasting for quite a long time and will need only a little bit of maintenance for being in good shape. If there is an unfinished coat then it can protected with a new coat of varnish and the debris on the surface can be cleaned off with a damp cloth, water and soap. Thus maintaining a privacy fence is not that difficult and time consuming. Loose fasteners can be replaced and tightened when there arises any kind of necessity to do so for ensuring that the privacy fence will remain stable and long lasting. If there are any spots of rust then it can also be removed by using sandpaper or even a wire brush before you start to treat it and sop it from returning. Infestations of insects can be taken care of with the same kind of repellant and insecticides which can be used in the home.

  • Noise

When you use sufficient amount of dimensions and materials while installing privacy fence, it can also help to reduce the amount of noise which your yard has from the beyond part of the fence. The thickness of the fence and the presence of the fence will help to dampen down the noise so that it is not as disturbing as it always is. It’s better to have some sought of sound barrier to make your home less disturbing.

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We just discussed the benefits of having privacy fence installed in our home. There are plenty of types of materials for privacy fence. Choose the type of material wisely and then see its installation process, if possible try and do it yourself and if not then opt to the professionals. Also check what type of maintenance your chosen fence type need and what is the long lasting capacity of the privacy fence that you have selected. One of the important factors to be considered is also its costing. Check out the cost of the material, its installation expense and its yearly maintenance expenditure before you go for installing privacy fence in your home.


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