Post Construction Cleaning of your Office

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Cleaning of your Office before constrution
Pre process of cleaning your office

Construction companies do not take the responsibility of cleaning after themselves and consequently a good professional cleaning service must be hired post construction to have the building ready by inauguration.
A professional cleaning company works as per contract to clear out debris and other wastes before the office can be made functional for a predetermined fee.

Their job is to get rid of dust, construction packaging, unwanted labels, extra wires and other wastes at the preliminary level. The second level essentially involves the dusting and wet wiping of all hard surfaces, wiping out paint or cement spills, cleaning out cabinets, polishing door handles and banisters as well as cleaning out windows among many others.

A good cleaning service must work from ceiling to floor including everything in between to make the office space look and feel new. They also ensure all amenities are in good working condition as a final check.

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