Points to Note While Constructing a New Home

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)
construction tips for new home
Importance of construction tips for home

Are you thinking of constructing a new home? Are you planning to build your dream home? Then there are a few things that you must keep in mind while constructing your heart filled paradise. Firstly you must plan before you start and note down your budget, your likings as far as your home are concerned, basic essential requirements that have to be a part of your home etc.

The foundation of the house and the roof of the house are two very important components of the structure altogether. The foundation should be thoroughly checked right at the beginning of erecting the entire structure. You must check the poles and the beams especially if the foundation of your house is wooden. Most people do not pay attention to the sewage and the drainage aspect of the house. You must check the pipes for blockages and leakages. You must ensure that the material that is being used to make your house is of good and durable quality. Building your dream house is very exciting but besides the excitement you must not hurry up things and take adequate time to decide every aspect of your dream to bring it to reality.

Building a new home is father of all the projects. It involves plenty of things to be taken care of. Of course there will be builder to take care of the things, but it’s you who is the owner and the one who is most interested about your home. If you are a new homeowner then you will probably not know about things to consider while constructing a new home. Hence to guide you regarding this, here are some of the essential things you should know while constructing a new home.

Things to know while constructing a new home

  • Ground

Preparing ground for construction
Making the ground ready for construction

The location you choose for building your new home should be right for you, despite of the fact whether it is in the rural area or it is the middle of the urban area. This thing might seem to be very simple and natural to you but when you are building your new home, you might think from your heart instead of your mind. That’s the reason why warning you for this simple thing is important. When you are hunting for your new home, you might come across a beautiful home fulfilling all your needs and in your budget but it is far away from the mainland. Chances are there you fall for such home but what’s the point of living in such a beautiful home when you are so much away from every services and mainland and you get to visit the city only on the weekends. Ask yourself whether you would be able to reside in such a place or not or whether it is viable to live in such a place or mot. I mean who would want to travel for 1 hour just to go to the grocery store. There are many cases where people construct their dream home far from the city and then sell it in short period of time just because they cannot afford to stay so far. With such location the lifestyle you imagined is totally different from the reality.

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Apart from the location, ground is one of the important things you must be focusing on. Hire a geotechnical engineer or a soil engineer to check out the ground. It is great insurance. By doing so, you will not only find about the ground you have under your home, you will find about any kind of disaster which can happen. You might be able to save on the foundation cost, if you get to find that your ground is extremely strong. Soil engineers will inform about the strength and weakness of the ground. They will also inform you about how to deal with the weakness of the soil. The base or the ground also affects the additional structure of which you are planning to build. Hence if you have any such plans check your ground for safer side.

  • Design

Choosing right design for home construction
Selecting right design for home construction

If you are thinking to construct a new home, you need have a good design. Design is very personal thing; it can differ from one person to another. For having a good design while building a new home, you can either hire a good architect or you can copy a design which you like of someone else. Go with gut when you are choosing the design while constructing a new home. Hiring an architect can cost you extra money. If you want to save some bucks then instead of opting architect, you can probably make some research of your own and choose the right type of design suitable with your taste, your needs and even your budget. Going for a historic plan will help you have a unique design. This is because no architect will go for a historic design which will make the historic design of your house look like different from others. If you are hiring an architect to design your new home then also make sure to do some homework and have a pre-defined frame of mind as to which type of home you want.

  • Laws and building codes

While constructing a new home, one of the basic factors which you should be thinking about is the laws and codes prevailing in your area. Whether you like or not, you have to compulsorily meet up with the codes. The rules and laws set by the local jurisdiction must be complied with while building a new home. However with an already built home, this law cannot be applied but while you are building the new one why to start it by breaking up the rules. Meet up with the local building department and get to know all the codes and laws related with constructing a new home. Met the official and ask any questions bothering your mind. Building official is not necessarily nasty but they just have to do their duty. Having complied with all the codes and laws is also beneficial in a way that it will improve the resale price of your property and you won’t have to be worried regarding filing of any complaint against your property.

  • Pick the right size

When you are constructing a new home, one of the major things you should be deciding about is the right size of your home. Home varies in sizes; it can be big mansions to tiny rooms. Majority of us don’t wish to have either of them or rather say don’t need to have either of them. It’s better if you have it somewhere in the middle. Instead of going to extremes, it’s better to be average. If you don’t need too much space, it’s better to go for small home as it can be cost effective also. It also depends upon the number of family members you have right now and also if there are any chances of increase in your family members. Having a small home will make you relieve from the burden of mortgage sooner and you can bring the best things to your home if you are saving up on construction.

  • Search for good team

Choosing right team for construction
Selecting right team for construction

Hiring the nice builder or constructor is not enough if you want the right home. Constructing a new home is a group project and for making a group project work well, you need a nice team, effort. Team member will include a designers, architect, builder, engineers and soon. The most important thing you should be focusing upon is that they all are comfortable and cool with each other. If they have any issues among each other it is not good for you as it can affect badly on your home construction project. Interview them if you are not sure whether they will be okay for your work or not.  Check their experience and see whether they are trust worthy or not.

  • Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of those things which are basically ignored by most of the people. But it should be considered properly as it affects your light bills very much. You must think of the long run while constructing new home. Having an energy efficient home will make your stay more comfortable and make a huge impact on your energy bills. However constructing a new home which is energy efficient is costly by it also saves you cost in return.

  • Landscaping

Landscaping is one of those things which are probably ignored while constructing a new home. This is because you can do this at any time even after you are done with constructing your home. Landscaping is that one thing which makes your home feel like home. Having flowering plants and huge trees and a swing attached to it gives your home a personal touch. If you are tight on budget then you can start with smaller plants and then go on with bigger one gradually.

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