Planning your Office Refurbishment

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
ways of Office Refurbishment
Office Refurbishment planning tips

Office refurbishment becomes a necessity over the years not only as part of repair and maintenance for an office under constant use but also as a way to increase creativity by offering novelty to employees.

Much like a home renovation office space refurbishment must emphasize on the technical aspects of space allotment and utilitarian furniture and the creative aspects of color, furnishings and accessories to tie the whole together.
Whether you refurbish your office yourself or hire an established design house to carry out the job you must consider all components at the first stage itself.

The cleaning service must pay close attention to the ceiling, floors, space allotment, room dividers, lighting and wall color or treatments before you jump to the furnishings, window treatments and other décor elements. Similarly the hired outfit must take responsibility from planning to implementation to the final cleaning before the office is ready to use again.

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