Picking the Perfect Colors for Your Rooms

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)
going for bright colour for walls of home
Selecting right colour for home

Are you perplexed on the ideal color pick for your different rooms? Accurate color selection is important as per the theme of the room since different colors come with varied moods and you have to channelize them accordingly.

When it comes to bedroom, red is most dominant choice given its passionate feel. However, you can also switch to purple for a more trendy and plush feel. Bright yellow is a very cheerful color and could be a good option for your kitchen and study. Blues are very relaxing and you can use it for your shower for a tranquil effect after a hard day’s work.

Do up the living space in green- it’s lively and sets a fresh feel for your guests as they enter the room. When it comes to drawing rooms, both purple and yellow would work great. If you prefer using neutral shades, jazz up your room with vibrant furnishing.

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